Win a Pokémon Prize Pack at EB Games!


EB Games Australia announced that they have an awesome Pokémon prize pack to give away. They will be giving away Pokémon figures, with their major prize pack including figures of the X and Y legendaries, Xerneas and Yveltal, as well as  an Espeon, and a Squirtle. Three lucky runners up will score themselves an EB exclusive double figure set, each containing two Pokémon.

All you have to do is comment on their facebook post answering the following question:

Which Pokémon is your all time favourite and why?

Maybe you think they are cute, maybe they are the best at competitive battling, maybe they are powerful, maybe they were your first PokémonAll you have to do is tell them all about your favourite Pokémon for a chance to win!

Competition closes on Friday October 25, so don’t wait!

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  1. My all time favorite Pokemon is a Zorua. It’s mischievous and naughty outlook shown in the anime and the Zoroark movie reminds me of my younger times. The aforementioned movie, Zoroark: Master of Illusions, happened to be the first Pokemon movie I ever watched and cried over. So overall, while I like a lot of Pokemon, Zorua is the one that left the deepest impression of them all.

  2. My fav pokemon is arkus I think he is the mostPOWERFUL of them all and the jelwel of life 12 elemats is very strong!

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