VGC16 Friendly – Australia vs. Spain Conclusion


Results are in! Hopefully some of you were able to follow the Australia vs Spain friendly and enjoyed the stream, which featured many strong players. We even had commentary from Australian player Boomguy and Portuguese player EmbC, who were well familiar with the Australian and Spanish communities respectively. Overall the friendly was a great success for both communities.


Bailey Owen (@BargensVGC) vs Lance (@Lance_VGC) — Spain 2-1

Sam Pandelis (@ZeldaVGC) vs Eric Rios (@riopaser) — Spain 2-0

Martin Larumbe (@BaseIn2) vs Albert (@AlbertBMidnight) — Australia 2-0

Lynette Zheng (@xxlililynette) vs Juan (@Rykku2isi) — Spain 2-1

Nihal Noor (@UchihaX96) vs Raid (@Raidsito1337) — Australia 2-0


Australia: 6 Games, 2 Sets

Spain: 6 Games, 3 Sets


Stream Archive – Commentated by Boomguy and EmbC

Australia vs. Spain Stream

Teams Used


Bailey Owen (@BargensVGC)

Sam Pandelis (@ZeldaVGC)

Martin Larumbe (@BaseIn2)

Lynette Zheng (@xxlililynette)

Nihal Noor (@UchihaX96)


Lance (@Lance_VGC)

Eric Rios (@riopaser)

Albert (@AlbertBMidnight)

Juan (@Rykku2isi)

Raid (@Raidsito1337)

This is by far the closest friendly Australia has ever had, with a couple moves being the difference between a win or a loss for each side. Both Spain and Australia put forward a strong team and both communities enjoyed the level on play displayed on stream. Thanks to everyone who supported the friendly through watching the stream and cheering for their side, and thanks to all those who played for being great sports.

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Bailey started playing competitive Pokemon at the age of 11 under the alias of Bargens, with a primary focus on singles, before moving to VGC in 2014 at the age of 14. Bailey has become a much bigger VGC nerd since then, focusing on understand the metagame.
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