VGC Premier Challenge: NLG Morwell Blaziken #3 – Standings and Usage Stats


Yesterday kicked off Premier Challenges around the country for 2016, with the first event taking place at NLG Morwell, Victoria, (event details here). The event saw 27 Masters rise to the occasion, a congratulations goes to Nihal Noor (@UchihaX96) for taking out the PC.

Below are the usage stats for all 27 Masters
  • Kangaskhan 67%
  • Groudon 67%
  • Xerneas 63%
  • Kyogre 41%
  • Crobat 37%
  • Ferrothorn 30%
  • Cresselia 26%
  • Smeargle 22%
  • Mawile 19%
  • Landorus 19%
  • Liepard 15%
  • Togekiss 15%
  • Talonflame 11%
  • Amoonguss 11%
  • Yveltal 11%
  • Gengar 11%

Anything with a usage below 10% isn’t on the list above .

The most common legendary pairings were:

  • Groudon / Xerneas 37%
  • Kyogre / Xerneas 19%
  • Kyogre / Groudon 19%

There were a lot of single pairings, but all except one (which was a lone Rayquaza) use at least one of the three Pokémon above.

Final Standings

nlgmorwell_blaz3_m1 nlgmorwell_blaz3_m2
Click each image for a full view.

A huge thank you to Tim, judge of the event today for all the useful information above.

Stay tuned to PokéAus as we continue to bring usage stats and data for events throughout Australia.

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