VGC Mid-Season Showdown: Hobart – Standings and Usage Stats


Yesterday saw the second Pokémon VGC Mid-Season Showdown which was held at BattleAxe Games in Hobart. The event saw 10 Masters. Congratulations to our own Matthew Roe for taking out the Mid-Season Showdown in Hobart!

Master Division Teams

1 Matthew Roe (@RoeyVGC)

2 Tristan Baker

3 Brendan Webb (@Floristthebudew)

4 Lochiel Cameron

5 Chris Mathers

6 Chris G

7 Cameron Dimond

8 Chris Carr

9 Perri Deane

10 Wade Cleaver

Top Cut Usage Stats

6 – P-Groudon, P-Kyogre

5 – M-Kangaskhan, Smeargle

4 – Talonflame, Xerneas

3 – M-Salamence, Scizor

2 – Ferrothorn, M-Mawile, M-Rayquazs, Thundurus-I

1 – Altaria, Ambipom, Amoonguss, Bronzong, Chesnaught, Cresselia, Crobat, Delphox, Dragonite, Gengar, Lantorus-T, Lapras, Lopunny, Raichu, Togetic, Whimsicott

All information provided is thanks to our own Matthew and Brendan. A huge thanks goes to Ash from BattleAxe Games for holding this Mid-Season Showdown, as well as all premier level events for Tasmania this year!

Stay tuned to PokéAus as we continue to bring usage stats and data for events throughout Australia.

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