VGC 2015 Friendly – Australia vs. Indonesia


Coming up on the September 19 and 20, PKMN-ID in conjunction with some of Australia will be coordinating the first Australia vs Indonesia VGC Friendly!

Format :Best of 3 VGC 2015 format. For further information, please visit Nugget Bridge. We will use the same format as all Nugget Bridge events, which includes a 30 minute timer and the subsequent BANNING of the attacks Minimize and Double Team. Use of the Symbiosis item glitch is also banned. Players will need to play ONE BO3 game against ONE opponent. Country which wins majority of games wins the series.

Your fabulous streamers will be Bailey Owen (Bargens) and Martin Larumbe (BaseIN2), along with commentary from Sam Schweitzer (Sam) and Luke Curtale (Dawg).

Keep an eye out on Martin and Bailey’s twitters and the Pokemon Australia Facebook page for stream times!

Australian Roster

  • Bailey Owen (Bargens)
  • Martin Larumbe (BaseIN2)
  • Matt Roe (RoeySK)
  • Daniel Pol (Chiron)
  • Arvin Banerjee (Espyy)
  • Brendan Webb (FloristTheBudew)
  • Mitch Kendrick (Mitch)

Players for the Australian side weren’t selected based off of any particular criteria, just players that were happy to play and that had reached out to myself and other coordinating staff over social media. We have tried to showcase some of our newer talent and players rather than just the usual squad.

Indonesian Roster

  • Oktavian Jason
  • Jack Kurniawan
  • Aldo Pradipta
  • Josua Sudrajat Marbun
  • Michael Tamara Putra
  • Fadhillah Eka Wardhana
  • Ama Bon

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