Top Players, Top Pokémon #2: Sam Schweitzer (SamVGC) and Porygon2

We’re back! Recently, I spoke with Sam Schweitzer (SamVGC), an Australian player living in the US. He’s recently had a huge breakout in their circuit, and he took some time out to share with us his MVP from his last few tournaments.

Hello, Sam! I hear that you like Porygon2? Why do you like to use it competitively?

Hi there! I like to use Porygon2 in a competitive setting due to its incredible bulk, good range of coverage, and ability to 1v1 nearly the entire metagame. Here’s my personal favourite set, and the one I used to win a 94 Master Premier Challenge and Top Cut a 236 Master Regional.

Sam S’ Porygon2

Porygon2 @ Eviolite
Ability: Analytic
Level: 50
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 244 HP / 92 Def / 144 SpA / 24 SpD
Sassy Nature
IVs: 1 Atk / 30 SpA / 30 SpD / 1 Spe

  • Ice Beam
  • Hidden Power [Ground]
  • Recover
  • Toxic
Care to explain the set?

Porygon2’s set here is likely not what you would expect, as most people seem to think of it as a Trick Room setter. However, I believe that Porygon2’s best strengths lie in its Hidden Ability, Analytic. Analytic means that as long as Porygon moves last (aided by the Sassy Nature and 1 Speed IV), it gains a 1.3x boost on whatever attack it uses! Ice Beam and Hidden Power Ground combine for excellent coverage on common threats. Toxic is an excellent option against bulky Pokémon like Cresselia, Milotic, Suicune etc., as it prevents them from stalling by chipping away at them. Recover holds the set together, taking advantage of opposing Protects and synergising with Toxic to be able to effectively stall an opposing Pokémon out. The EV spread is able to take a Choice Banded Landorus-T Superpower, and is likely to take and Adamant Landorus-T Superpower + Thundurus Thunderbolt. The rest went into Special Attack for some extra damage output. The IVs are absolutely crucial on this Porygon2, so that you’re as slow as possible to give Analytic the best chance of activating. They’re also necessary to have a Ground type Hidden Power.

Have any favourite moments with this Pokémon?

As stated earlier, I used Porygon2 to win a pre-regional Premier Challenge, going 13-1 over the course of the tournament with the one loss coming in game 2 of Top 4. I also went 6-2 in Swiss at the Regional itself, making the Top 16 cut. Porygon2 was easily my best Pokémon that weekend, and I have no regrets on using it.

How effective do you think Porygon2 is in the Australian metagame, Sam?

Porygon2 is excellent in the Australian metagame due to its incredible bulk, great coverage options, and ability to combat bulky Pokémon through the use of Toxic. Ice Beam is an excellent move on it, allowing it to damage both Landorus and Thundurus relatively easily, and we all know how common they are! Hidden Power Ground gives an excellent option against Steel Pokémon like Heatran and Aegislash. Extremely bulky Pokemon like the ones aforementioned are very popular in Australia, and Porygon2’s toxic allows it to out-stall them so you’re not put in a corner end-game where you can’t damage them enough to seal up the game. Porygon2 also functions in a similar vein to Ferrothorn, Gastrodon, or Calm Mind Cresselia; in that an unprepared team won’t be able to deal with it much at all. This allows for some matchups to be an auto-win on team preview, provided you play smartly with Porygon2.

I would highly suggest using Porygon2 for yourself, it’s a really fun and unique Pokémon to use whether or not you go for the Trick Room option. Just make sure that Porygon2 is suited for your team, it’s not the kind of Pokémon that you can replace Cresselia with and instantly expect it to have a greater effect. If you’ve already got normal types (like Kangaskhan) or are already very weak to Knock Off, Porygon2 might not be for you. But if you’ve already got another Psychic or Ghost type you’re using on your team, Porygon2 could be a better choice than Cresselia and could be great fun!

Epic thanks to Sam for taking the time to write this one for us. We appreciate any help we can get from top players in our community. Let’s all continue to support Sam from afar throughout his 2016 season!

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