TCG City Championship: Brisbane Queensland – Standings and Usage Stats


We have results from Brisbane Cities which took place on the first weekend of February! A huge congratulations goes to Matthew Burris for taking out the City Championship this weekend in Brisbane!

Final Standings – Top 8 Cut

Player Name Deck
1 Matthew Burris Night March/Milotic
2 Bodhi Cutler Lucario/Crobat
3 James Williams Gallade/Octillery
4 Shaun Murphy Entei/Charizard
5 Adam Harmsworth Seismitoad/Giratina
6 Aaron Stringfellow Seismitoad/Giratina
7 Anthony Smith Raikou/Magnezone
8 Jon Blair Mewtwo Y

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A huge thank you to Jake C for all the data. Be sure to check out Jake’s website where he keeps stats from all TCG events!

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