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Pokémon TCG: Uncovering the Secrets of Sun and Moon

  As inhabitants of Earth, we’re lucky enough to be treated to the Sun and Moon every day and night respectively*. Only once will we be treated to the release of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Sun and Moon set. The Sun is an incredibly important star, and the Moon is a body of astronomical importance. But how important will ...

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VGC 2016 Spotlight Report #1: Zygarde

  Hey guys, Phil here and welcome to my new set of articles about VGC 2016. These articles will summarise my channel’s VGC’16 content, or more specifically where I’m spotlighting an unpopular Pokémon and how to use it. You can view my first video in the series below, or alternatively you can visit my channel. #1 Zygarde Today I’ll be ...

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