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Rotom’s VGC Resources: Useful TMs

  Useful TMs These TMs below are the ones we’ve deemed most important for VGC play and where to locate them. This list can also be extrapolated for use with singles play, however it was created with doubles in mind.  

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Rotom’s VGC Resources: Useful Items

  As most of us are now nearing completion of the story of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the time has come to start putting together our competitive teams. To aid in the tedious task of gathering all of the necessary items, we’ve collated what items you’re going to need for competitive play and where to find them – all conveniently ...

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Pokémon Video Game Evolution

Hey all, Marcus here with a new article – this time on the Pokémon video games, how they have evolved mechanically, and how this has changed the game. With X and Y around the corner, we’re all wondering what’s going to change or what’s going to be new. Just over a month out of the new games, I at least ...

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