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Training for Pokémon like an Elite Athlete

G’day, Rhydian Cowley here. I go by Mindape in the Showdown chat, on the forums, and in Twitch chat. When I’m not playing Pokémon, I train and compete at an elite level in athletics (my event is the glamorous 20 km Walk). I have represented Australia at international events, and I’ve travelled to many foreign countries. My ultimate goal is ...

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Pokémon TCG – Attaining the Art of Consistency

How often does your deck do what you want it to? This is the question at the heart of consistency. If your answer to my question was “not often”, then consider continuing to read this article for some tips as to how to make your deck more consistent. If you answered “often enough”, it may be worthwhile reading in case ...

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Pokémon Dream Radar – Tips and Tricks

What better time is it to read up the Pokemon Dream Radar? The Pokémon Dream Radar is a downloadable game for the 3DS, and if you want to get the most out of BW2 to “catch em’ all”, then you might want to give this title a try. The Pokémon Dream Radar is more of a tool then a game. ...

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