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Case File: Scrafty vs Hitmontop

Scrafty vs Hitmontop Case File is a new set of articles, putting Pokémon centre stage and looking at it from multiple angles, from the user’s perspective to the opponent’s perspective to the core of the Pokémon itself. We, FamousDeaf and myself, IncredibleChaos, will cover different Pokémon that are popular in the metagame. In this week’s article we analyse Scrafty and ...

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PokéBros Issue #1: TopMoth

PokéBros is a brand-new set of articles spotlighting common, popular, and/or outdated combinations of Pokémon which lead Double Battles in VGC. We, FamousDeaf and myself, Chiron, will cover such things as: when to expect these Pokémon, how to play around and counter them, as well as how to play them yourself. Please note: many of these combinations aren’t as effective ...

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Community Discussion Article: Top 3 Pokemon in VGC 2013

So here comes our first Community Discussion Article. These articles will be based on group discussion in our community, PokeAustralia, so feel free to join the conversation! The following are just some comments from our members on what they think are the Top 3 Pokemon in VGC for 2013. Chris G 1. Cresselia: The best Pokémon in VGC hands down in ...

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