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Pokémon Sun and Moon Midnight Launches at EB Games

  In a weeks time, Pokémon fans throughout the country will be flocking to their nearest EB Games store in anticipation for the biggest gaming launch of the year, Pokémon Sun and Moon! Many EB Games stores will be opening at midnight for the game, with some doing major launches in various parts of Australia. The official Australian launch will ...

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Latest video reveals a HUGE amount of new details on Pokémon Sun and Moon!

A new video on Pokémon’s official YouTube channel has revealed over 5 minutes worth of new details for the upcoming Pokémon games, Sun and Moon. Strap yourselves in, because this will be a long but exciting article! New Pokémon Mudbray Mudbray is the pre-evolved form of the previously revealed Mudsdale. It is a Ground type Pokémon based on a Donkey. ...

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Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire – July Trailer

A new trailer has surfaced for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The trailer officially reveals all that was leaked from CoroCoro, including returning Gym Leaders and Elite Four, Secret Bases, Pokémon  Contests, and of course Mega Metagross. Check out the trailer below.

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