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Rainbow Road in the 2017-2018 Standard Format : Deck List and Discussion

Last weekend, in what seemed like a throwback to the 2008 World Championships, a Gardevoir/ Gallade deck was used to win the 2017 Pokemon Trading Card Game World Championships in both the Junior and Masters divisions. It was the most hyped deck going into the tournament, and is still being touted as one of the top decks in the standard ...

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Event Round-up: May 27th / 28th

This weekend (May 27th / May 28th) sees a huge amount of Pokémon events happening across Australia! There’s online events, there’s League Cups, there’s overseas Regionals, there’s League Challenges, theres Premier Challenges there’s something for everyone! Virtually every state in the country has something on! Signups for the International Online event close on Thursday so make sure you sign up ...

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Blowing Away the Trash: Competitive Uses for Field Blower

Guardians Rising brings us a plethora of new cards when it is released on May 5th. One card has already risen above the rest –  Field Blower. Field Blower is an Item card that allows players to choose up to 2 in any combination of Pokémon Tool cards and Stadium cards in play (of their own and/or their opponent’s) and discard ...

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