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Tool Time: Items to Boost your GX Pokémon

A Tool Card is a type of Trainer Card that may be attached to your Pokémon to provide them with benefits. This could be an increase in damage output, increased hit points, a reduced retreat cost etc. Generally, only one Tool Card can be attached to a Pokémon at any one time. In the current standard format, there are very ...

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Pokémon TCG: Uncovering the Secrets of Sun and Moon

  As inhabitants of Earth, we’re lucky enough to be treated to the Sun and Moon every day and night respectively*. Only once will we be treated to the release of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Sun and Moon set. The Sun is an incredibly important star, and the Moon is a body of astronomical importance. But how important will ...

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Changes announced for Pokémon TCG Pre-release Tournaments

  Changes have been announced for Pokémon TCG pre-release tournaments aiming to make the tournaments more competitive and fun! Pokémon TCG pre-release events are events which take place roughly two weeks before the release of a new TCG expansion. For future expansions, the format of pre-release tournaments will be different. Rather then just building a deck out of the booster ...

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