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Oceania International Championship – TCG Top 8 Decks

We are now entering our third and final day of the Oceania International Championships! Here are your Top 8 players for TCG! These players have played through 2 days off Swiss! Stay tuned to PokeAus via our twitter and our live coverage page to stay up to date with pairings and standings for each round. Also, be sure to follow ...

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Oceania International Championship – TCG Top 32 Decks

The second day of the Oceania International Championships are underway! Our friends at AceTrainerAU have collated Top 32 decks and usage stats for TCG Masters. These competitors played through 9 rounds of best-of-three Swiss yesterday. They will play through 5 rounds of Swiss today, with only 8 of them remaining by the days end. Top 32 01. Javier Gamboa – ...

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PokeAus Affiliates

Our website wouldn’t be able to bring you the content it does today without the hard work of the community within Australia. The following are our affiliates, they let us know when they’re running events, provide us with media, and usage data as well as bring us data from official events such as Regionals and Nationals too. These groups are ...

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