Shiny Mega Gengar Event live in Australia!


Just in time for Halloween, the dates and locations have been announced for the special Shiny Gengar event. This event is a download code that can be picked up at EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, Target and Big W Stores across Australia & New Zealand from now until November 5.

It has been noted that some stores may experience a slight delay in receiving of the distribution codes, but it appears the majority of stores will have the codes available this coming Friday October 17.

Also attached to the official announcement by Nintendo Australia, is a note reading “Stay Tuned for details on how players can get the long-awaited Mythical Pokemon Diancie” so it also seems that Diancie’s official appearance on our shores is close at hand!

Source: Nintendo Facebook

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  1. So i have been trying everywhere to get this code but no luck . i have been told i must pre-order ruby or sapphire to get my code ???? i already have but i thought the code was free ????

  2. It is a free giveaway.

  3. These code distributions are crap. All of the stores around the Newcastle area ran out of them within a week. The distribution is supposed to be going until the 5/11, but how do you expect it to last that long when it seems that there are never enough codes sent out to stores. Rip off distribution in my opinion. Never used to have to worry about the store running out because you would just have to go in and download the pokemon, but these codes are crap.

    • I agree Nick, these events can be frustrating. We are only a fan site, so we can’t do much. So sorry to hear you couldn’t get a code.

  4. I went to get a code but they only had a certain amount and won’t order anymore in at ebs games they only got 20 :C

  5. This is a little annoying, according to the PGL it is down for maintenance 3-5 november, which is needed to get the gengar.
    meaning that i cannot download the gengar now, as i only received my code yesterday.

    will the event be given extra days due to this downtime and inability to get the pokemon?

    im rather sad about this.

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