Rules for the Pokémon VGC 2017 Season Announced!


Attention VGC Players!

The rules for the 2017 Video Game Championship were announced overnight by TCPi. These rules will replace the current VGC16 rules on December 1st.

Matches will be Double Battles played only on Pokémon Sun & Moon. As has been predicted for some time, only Pokémon found in the Alola PokéDex able to be used (barring certain legendaries). In addition, Pokémon must have been caught in either Sun or Moon – any Pokémon obtained in previous generations and sent to Sun & Moon by Pokémon Bank will not be eligible. Finally, Pokémon will be permitted to hold Z-Crystals, allowing for the new Z-moves to be used in VGC. However Pokémon are not permitted to hold Mega Stones, making this the first VGC format since the release of X & Y that Mega Evolution has been banned.

There have also been some changes to the battle time system which will be implemented for VGC17. Players have 60 seconds each turn to select their moves (up from 45 sec) but will only have 10 minutes of total selection time for the entire battle (similar to the timer used for chess). If a player exhausts their allocated 10 minutes then the opposing player is declared the winner. While not 100% confirmed, it appears that the 15-minutes Battle Timer from previous VGC formats will no longer be used.

Changes to the Pokémon Global Link were also announced. A new battle option known as ‘Championship Battles’ will be available from launch, and will use the VGC17 ruleset. This option will be available all-year round, giving players every chance to practice and enjoy the current VGC format. 

Another new addition for the PGL, QR Rental Teams, was also announced. Players will be able to publically share their teams on the PGL as a QR Code. Players will then be able to scan these codes and use uploaded teams in certain online battles on the PGL.

Quick Summary:

  • New rules start December 1st
  • Played on Pokémon Sun & Moon
  • Double Battles
  • Only Pokemon from the Alola Regional PokeDex may be used
  • Only Pokémon obtained in Sun & Moon may be used
  • Z-Crystals allowed
  • Mega Stones not allowed
  • Some Legendary Pokémon will be banned (Solgaleo & Lunala have been confirmed as banned, & TCPi have indicated that other to-be-released Legendaries will also be banned)
  • Mythical Pokémon, including Magearna, are banned
  • 10-minute Player Timer

Original announcement from TCPi explaining the new rules can be found here.

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