QLD Pokémon VGC Tournament Fastbreak Sports: Top Cut Teams


Up in sunny Queensland we must have a Mega Charizard Y flying around causing a Drought and heating up the competition for the first QLD VGC Series in 2014. Queensland Pokémon fans gathered at FastBreak Sports in Brisbane on Saturday March 8 to compete. Some fans even travelled for 2 hours or more to play.

Players fought hard in humid conditions all for a chance to win an exclusive Pokémon Plush Key chain from Japan and the title of the first winner of the QLD VGC Series 2014. There were also 10 lucky door prizes for players to have fully IV bred 2014 VGC Pokémon that may assist them for future victories. Pokémon like a Moody Dark Void Smeargle to a Bulbasaur with Giga Drain and the hidden ability Chlorophyll.

Overall 32 players registered to the event, which consisted of 24 Masters, 6 Seniors and 2 Juniors. The Seniors and Juniors divisions were combined as they played 3 Swiss rounds to determine the winner, who was Matthew Burris. In the Masters division they played 5 rounds of a best-of-1 Swiss which then decided the top 8 to play a best-of-3 single elimination matches. Arin Nyunt emerged victorious in the end defeating Thomas Millar.

Masters Top Cut Players and their Teams

(These are the players who were top 8 after the Swiss Rounds.)

Thomas Millar

Brendan Wright (ButtonBash)

Charles Mcgreevy

Ash Siddig Abu Bakar

Patrick Vella

Arin Nyut

Kai Armstrong

Paul Amedee

Senior Top Cut Players and their Teams

(These are the players who were top 2 after the Swiss Rounds.)

Matthew Burris

Michael Hall

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  1. Good work ZzamanN! Hopefully we can have another Nationals this year! 😉

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