Pokémon X&Y: Breeding Flawless IVs

Please note: This article is a work in progress, and will be amended as more information is gathered.

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IVs are a value between 0-31 for each stat (HP, Attack, Defence, Special Attack, Special Defence, and Speed), which are generated when encountering that Pokémon—or, in this instance, receiving an egg.

This process will take about 6-7hours, and you’ll need the following:

  • Pokémon with Fly
  • Pokémon with Flame Body (tip: evolve Fletchling, which can be found on route 2 or 3)
  • If you have enough style to get into the clothing shop in Lumoise City, you can get “Hatching O-Power,” which will help speed things along
  • Destiny Knot (given to you by a lady one of the alleyways in Lumoise City)
  • Approx. 12BP for a Power item

Find the Pokémon you want in Friend Safari, or a Pokémon in that Egg Group in Friend Safari, and catch a few. My advice is to try to find a common Pokémon from 2 Egg Groups. Nature is not required till the end.

The Judge is in the Kiloude Pokemon Centre he will “Judge” your pokemons potential.
He will tell you about the combined IVs first
0-90 = Decent
91-120 = Above Average
121-150 = Relatively Superior
151-186 = Outstanding

Then he will tell you about the Highest IVs and the stats that have it
0-15 = Rather Decent
16-25 = Very Good
26-30 = Fantastic
31 = Can’t be beat

IV Annotation

For the purpose of this explanation, I will use Binary, where:

  • 0=Not Flawless
  • 1=Flawless

Expressed as HP | ATK | DEF | SPA | SPD | SPE, where each stat will be replaced with either a 0 or 1.

I suggest using this method, as it saves on paper space when noting down stats with the highest IVs. Also, keep track of male and female combinations; you want those with the highest IVs

  • IVs passed down by by Power items will be denoted between hyphens; i.e, -#-
    • Attack: Power Bracer
    • Defence: Power Belt
    • Special Attack: Power Lens
    • Special Defence: Power Band
    • Speed: Power Anklet
  • IVs passed down by Destiny Knot will be denoted between brackets; i.e., (#)

IV Breeding Method

So you caught two Pokémon, now check their IVs at the judge in Kiloude city. You ideally want completely different ones, but it doesn’t really matter, as Destiny Knot picks 5 random IVs to pass down. Then begin to breed, having one Pokémon hold an appropriate Power item, and the other a Destiny Knot.

PokemonA = 011000 w/ Power Bracer*
*Get Power items as you need them, you only really need one.
PokemonB = 000110 w/ Destiny Knot

So with the above example, using Power Bracer + Destiny Knot (@ Random) might result in:


In this instance, you have a [(4/12)/5]  chance of getting four out of a possible five flawless IVs being passed down. End result might look like this:


It will take a while, but you will eventually get a male and female with three flawless IVs each:

PokémonA = 110010
PokémonB = 011001

So, in this instance, you might use a Power Weight (passes down HP IV) with PokémonA, to retain its flawless HP IVs, and Destiny Knot on PokémonB, or keep using Power Bracer. The point is to increase the amount of flawless IVs, and eventually get a male-female four flawless IVs each. That is,  [(8/12)/5] chance of flawless IVs.

Eventually, you’ll get a male-female with five flawless IVs each; this is where it gets frustrating. You’d think with:


You’d net a 50% chance of flawless IVs with the only random factor being HP… Not True!

Destiny Knot possibilities:


At this point, you only have a [(10/12)/5] chance of flawless IVs being passed down.

It took me about an hour at this point to yield four, random combinations:


So, where the IVs land is completely random, and Destiny Knot will even choose the IV being replaced by the Power Bracer, which negates it.

What you want to happen is:


Five flawless IVs, not including the Power Bracer. So, with lots of luck (with hope at least), you will get five flawless IVs.

Pokémon Natures

There are 2 ways of getting a female with the correct nature: continually breed and hope for correct nature (can take hours); or, have a Pokémon with the ability Synchronize as your lead, which will give a 50/50 chance of finding a Pokémon with the same nature.

Once you have a flawless male, breed it with a female of the species you want holding an Everstone. Just keep increasing the IVs of the female Pokémon, leaving the flawless male with Destiny Knot in the Daycare, and you’ll have flawless-1 (’cause Destiny Knot will take 5 IVs-1 less for using Everstone).

Spreading IV Breeding

Just to let you know what I’m doing, I caught a lot of Phanpy and did the process above. Then once I got a male, flawless Phanpy, I bred across to Mawile who’s in the Fairy group. I bred across to Rhydon, who’s in the Monster group, and am currently breeding to Psyduck, who is in the Water 1 group. It doesn’t take long to breed to the Pokémon you want, but it does take a little longer to breed across because you want six flawless IVs.

Happy breeding,

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