Pokémon Volcanion distribution has made its way to Australia


From October 10 to 31, Australian Pokémon fans will be able to obtain Volcanion. Players will be able to get Volcanion at any EB Games store! Players will be able to receive Volcanion with their copy of Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. This is the first time Volcanion will be obtainable in the games, meaning Pokemon fans with a living dex can finally collect the last of their 721 Pokémon!

Volcanion will be on level 70, hold an Assault Vest, and have the moves Steam Eruption, Hydro Pump, Overheat and Explosion.

About MachopFan

Hailing from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, MachopFan became a Pokémon fan in 1999. He joined the competitive scene during the 2007 DS Connection Tour, a week after Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were released in Australia. After learning that Australia was not in the Video Game World Championship, he played a major role in the campaign to include Australia. MachopFan competed in Australia's first National Championship, placing in the Top 8.


  1. Any idea when the movie is coming out I guess around the same time next month

  2. dose this include preowned games or not

  3. Would it be possible for me to get one Volcanion and then get another using a different code? I got 2 to share with a friend and my brother didn’t know, so he got me another one. Please help.

  4. I missed out on a code eb games have run out and i really want one.

    • Here’s one, I don’t know if I used it yet (Cuz i had 2 scratched out for some reason) But here it is!


      Hope it works!

  5. They had none left and I forgot to ask if they restock so do they idk? Uhhgh I dont want to miss another thing. ;;

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