Pokémon VGC Website and Social Media Guide

The Australian Pokémon Video Game Nationals are around the corner, and we want to help fellow Australians in the preparation to what will be the biggest Australian VGC event for the year.

Playing on your own you might miss things but following what other people discover can help you get an advantage and possibly save you time. With this we are going to list of all the best Pokémon websites and social media sources for you to follow, like or subscribe via Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Twitch. Some of these sources may not be in English, but Google Translate can give you a rough translation. It is still best to consult a person you know and trust for translations.

Australian Websites & Groups

>Pokémon Australia

A fantastic local website that aims at bringing all the current up to date news and event information, guides and resources to the Australian Pokémon community.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Facebook Group | Youtube

Nintendo Australia & New Zealand

Official Pokémon Video Game news will appear here first.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube


PokeMelbourne is a continually expanding Melbourne (Victoria)-based community that holds regular meet-ups and Pokémon tournaments and events.

Twitter  | Facebook | Facebook Group | Youtube


An Adelaide-based community comprised of some of South Australia’s best VGC players. The group holds semi-regular casual meet-ups and tournaments, and provides news updates and competitions via their social media platforms.

Twitter | Facebook

>Brisbane Bisharps

Brisbane’s main group in hosting VGC events in Brisbane.


>Brisbane Battle HQ

Brisbane’s biggest group for all online and real life tournaments. This is where most Brisbane-based trainers hang out for a chat.

Facebook Group


Perth’s main VGC competitive group.

Facebook | Facebook Group


Perth’s biggest general Pokémon group who also host events in Perth.


>UNSW Pokémon Society

NSW’s biggest Pokémon fan group. You don’t have to be part of the university to be part of the group

Facebook Group

Pokémon NSW

General chat of Pokémon fans in NSW

Facebook Group

International Websites & their Social Media


The official Pokémon Company International.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

>Nugget Bridge

One of the best places to find anything regarding the Pokémon Video Game scene. Here you can get information from people who have won past world championships, major competitions from around the world and excellent help with information for beginners. There are many different forums that can help you when building a team, general help with regards to rulings for VGC events and online competitions where serious money can be won.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Twitch


The first stop for game news and events. Serebii has long been one of the most popular Pokémon websites on the internet. Serebii is home to PokeDexs.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Twitch


A Pokémon encyclopedia of all the Pokémon moves, stats and weaknesses



Veekun came onto the scene with a bang this year. It has the strongest, cleanest search engine of any PokéDex. A PokéDex for champions, it excels at finding that one last Pokémon to make a team complete.


>Pokémon Showdown

This is the place where you can practice and try out all your teams before you make them on the 3DS. The damage calculator there is very handy with all your team building decisions.



A German Pokémon fan website. It is a German equivalent of Nugget Bridge for German speakers.  They also have a forum called Bisaboard and from there you can find online tournaments you can enter, if you like long nights adapting to the German time zone.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Twitch

>The Boiler Room

This is a group of accomplished American players sharing information of their thoughts of VGC.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

>Imouto Island

Again another group of accomplished American players sharing information about their teams.

Website | Twitter

>Team Magma

Unlike the Evil Team Magma you will find in Omega Ruby. This Team Magma is dedicated to helping others to become stronger VGC players with a wide range of content. There is also entertaining unrelated content to see as well.

Website | Twitter | Youtube | Twitch

Australian Players

Here is a list of Australian players who are making a name for themselves in Australia and Internationally

>Phil Nguyen (Boomguy)

He’s your local PokeAus Admin, a Pokemon Showdown Moderator in the VGC room and a hard out VGC competitor. Will stream his online VGC competitions from time to time.

Twitter | Twitch

>Martin Laurumbe (BaseIn2)

A Sydney based player, will stream quality matches from Nugget Bridge tournaments and other online events.

Twitter | Youtube | Twitch

>Sam Pandelis (ZeldaVGC)

A two time Melbourne Regional Champion in 2013 and 2014.

Twitter | Twitch

>Roland Walker(Lumario)

Finished Top 8 in the Sydney Regionals in 2015. Regularly streams Battle spot and other VGC tournaments.

Youtube | Twitch

International VGC Players

Here are some links of accomplished International VGC players as well as other important people.

>Aaron Zheng (Cybertron)

The semi finalist of the Masters 2013 VGC world championships and a 2 time Senior Division USA National Champion. Aaron is dedicated teaching you how to play VGC.

Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Twitch

>Chris Brown (AlphaZealot)

Chris is the official VGC Tournament planner for the Pokemon Company International. Any news from him will be official and you may see him posting on Nugget Bridge forums to.


>Junichi Masuda

He works for Game Freak that creates our favorite Pokemon Games. He is the director for the current games and he does post a lot in many different languages.


>Alex Gomez (PokeAlex)

Spains best Senior VGC player who managed the Top 8 at the 2013 & 2014 VGC World Championships. With 2015 will be his last year as a Senior. He streams his online matches regularly.

Twitter | Youtube | Twitch

>Markus Stadter (Yoshi)

Two time Worlds competitor, and 2014 German National Champion where he went undefeated. Markus will regularly stream his matches of online tournaments he plays.

Twitter | Twitch

>Baz Anderson

One of the United Kingdom’s best VGC players that can educate you on how to think during battles. He also does entertaining content as well where he will do a team swap with another well accomplished trainer.

Twitter | Youtube

>Alexander Kuhn (Hibiki)

An Austrian VGC player that can speak Japanese, German & English. He will sometimes streams his battles of online tournaments or streaming a high quality Japanese niconico stream which he will translate at the same time.

Twitter | Twitch

>Alex Ogloza (Evan Falco)

The US National Champion of 2014 who has wide variety of VGC-related content. More focus on entertainment than the other VGC guys’ channels.

Twitter | Youtube | Twitch

>Scott Glaza

One of the official commentators for Pokemon VGC Worlds and US Nationals. Scott can still play some mean VGC and has a wealth of great knowledge and perspectives.

Twitter | Youtube | Twitch

>Miguel Marti de la Torre (Sekiam)

Miguel is Spain’s consistent strongest trainers making multiple top cut results at the European Circuits, and in 2014 he finished in the top 8 at the World Championships. All of his content will be in Spanish.

Twitter | Youtube | Twitch

>Won Seok Jang (KrelCroc)

Two time Worlds VGC participant from Korea

Blog | Twitter

>Se Jun Park (pokemontcg)

The current World Champion in VGC and a perfect top cutter at Worlds making it 3/3 times in his Masters career.


>Ryosuke Kosuge (gebebo)

2013 Worlds Runner-up, 2013 Japanese Champion and Top 8 at 2014 Worlds.


>Randy Kwa (R Inanimate)

Canada’s best player and a two time Worlds Competitor.


>Jeudy Azzarelli (SoulSur)

The 2014 VGC World Runner Up from USA.


>Zach Droegkamp (braverius)

Multiple American Regional Winner

Blog | Twitter

>Arash Ommati (Mean)

The 2013 VGC World Champion from Italy.


>Ray Rizzo

The 3 time Pokemon VGC World Champion in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Blog | Twitter | Youtube | Twitch

>Yosuke Isagi (Tony)

The 2014 Japanese National Winner.


>Daichi Kumabe (Scar)

Semi-finalist at 2014 Japanese Nationals and 2014 Worlds Competitor.

Blog | Twitter

>Jimmy Kwa (Team Rocket Elite)

Brother of Randy Kwa. His YouTube channel has heaps of videos of battles that were shown on a TV but it was off stream at 2014 US Nationals and Worlds.



Well loved Japanese player who is very popular. He is a trend setter in Japan.

Blog | Twitter

>Patrick Donegan (Pdonz)

New York based competitor and usually streams all the Premier Challenges in the New York area.

Twitter | Youtube | Twitch

Do you use any other resources? Let us know in the comments below so we can add them to our list!

About MachopFan

Hailing from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, MachopFan became a Pokémon fan in 1999. He joined the competitive scene during the 2007 DS Connection Tour, a week after Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were released in Australia. After learning that Australia was not in the Video Game World Championship, he played a major role in the campaign to include Australia. MachopFan competed in Australia's first National Championship, placing in the Top 8.

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