Pokémon TCG – The Oceania Meta at a Glance

Oceania Meta

The Oceania International Challenge is fast approaching! The event will be held between March 10-12 (Friday to Sunday) at Melbourne Park Function Center in Melbourne, Australia! How will you decide which deck to pilot? It may be helpful to know which decks are dominating Pokémon Trading Card Game events in Oceania. Here are the results from every sanctioned Premier Event in the Oceanic Region since Sun and Moon became legal for competitive play.

Note: All events are League Challenges

Week 1 (February 18th/19th; pre-Anaheim Regionals)

Battleaxe Games, Tasmania (18 masters)

  1. Turbo Darkrai
  2. Volcanion
  3. Umbreon GX
  4. Mega Mewtwo

Fast break Sports, Brisbane (18 masters)

  1. Jolteon EX/ Glaceon EX
  2. Volcanion
  3. Volcanion
  4. Passmian

Good Games Box Hill, Melbourne (24 masters)

  1. Mega Mewtwo
  2. Yveltal/ Garbodor
  3. Turbo Darkrai
  4. Water Toolbox

Good Games Miranda, Sydney (13 masters)

  1. Volcanion
  2. Tauros GX/ Decidueye GX (match and decklist can be located here)
  3. Umbreon GX
  4. Mega Beedrill

Good Games Newcastle, Newcastle (10 masters)

  1. Volcanion
  2. Vespiquen
  3. Glaceon EX/ Regice
  4. Typhlosion

Guf Bendigo, Bendigo (34 masters)

  1. Mega Rayquaza/ Jolteon EX
  2. Yveltal/ Garbodor
  3. Mega Gardevoir
  4. Turbo Darkrai
  5. Yveltal/ Umbreon GX
  6. Yveltal/ Garbodor
  7. Yveltal/ Garbodor
  8. Water Toolbox

Toysbar, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (44 masters)

  1. Mega Mewtwo/ Garbodor
  2. Mega Rayquaza
  3. Volcanion
  4. Mega Mewtwo
  5. Passimian
  6. Turbo Darkrai
  7. Mega Gardevoir
  8. Yveltal/ Garbodor

Week 2 (February 25th/ 26th; post-Anaheim Regionals)

Bless Shop, South Borneo (?? masters)

  1. Volcanion
  2. Lurantis GX
  3. Volcanion
  4. Darkrai/ Giratina/ Solgaleo GX

Cards and Hobbies, Selangor, Malaysia (42 masters)

  1. Yveltal/ Garbodor
  2. Vespiquen/ Espeon GX
  3. Mega Mewtwo/ Espeon GX
  4. Mega Rayquaza/ Jolteon
  5. Mega Gardevoir
  6. Yveltal/ Garbodor
  7. Mega Mewtwo/ Garbodor
  8. Vespiquen/ Zoroark

Gametraders Salisbury, Adelaide (23 masters)

  1. Mega Rayquaza
  2. Mega Mewtwo
  3. Lurantis GX/ Vileplume
  4. Darkrai/ Giratina

Good Games Top Ryde, Sydney (16 masters)

  1. Turbo Darkrai
  2. Turbo Darkrai
  3. Mega Mewtwo
  4. Yveltal/ Garbodor

Guf Geelong, Geelong (29 masters)

  1. Mega Mewtwo/ Garbodor/ Espeon GX
  2. Yveltal/ Garbodor
  3. Lurantis GX/ Solgaleo GX
  4. Lurantis GX/ Vileplume

Neo Tokyo, Toowoomba (16 masters)

  1. Lurantis GX
  2. Water Toolbox
  3. Gumshoos GX/ Houndoom EX
  4. Raichu/ Passimian/ Eeveelutions

Week 3 (March 4th/5th; Concurrent with Sheffield Regionals)

Cards and Hobbies, Selangor, Malaysia (?? masters)

  1. Mega Mewtwo/ Espeon GX
  2. Yveltal/ Garbodor/ Tauros GX
  3. Decidueye GX/ Shiinotic
  4. Vespiquen/ Zoroark/ Eeveelutions
  5. Gyarados
  6. Volcanion
  7. Volcanion
  8. Jolteon EX/ Regice

Fastbreak Sports, Brisbane (<32 masters)

  1. Turbo Darkrai
  2. Jolteon EX/ Glaceon EX/ Garbodor
  3. Vespiquen/ Zoroark/ Eeveelutions/ Tauros GX
  4. Turbo Darkrai

Toysbar, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (?? masters)

  1. Decidueye GX/ Vileplume/ Tauros GX
  2. Mega Mewtwo/ Garbodor
  3. Yveltal/ Garbodor/ Tauros GX
  4. Primarina GX/ Glaceon EX
  5. Decidueye GX/ Shiinotic/ Tauros GX
  6. Mega Mewtwo/ Garbodor
  7. Yveltal/ Garbodor/ Tauros GX
  8. Jolteon EX/ Alolan Muk/ Tauros GX

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Thank you to everyone who assisted with the collection of data for this article, including Ace Trainer Australia for the top 8 Bendigo results, and The Rainbow Wing for all week 3 Malaysia events.

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