Pokémon TCG – The Australian Meta (January 2018)

The Australian Meta

The Oceania International Championships is fast approaching! The event will be held on February 9-11 (Friday to Sunday) at Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia! How will you decide which deck to pilot? It may be helpful to know which decks are dominating Pokémon Trading Card Game events in Australia. Here are the results from every sanctioned Premier Event in Australia during January 2018- just after the dust settled from the 2018 European International Championships.

You can find a list of results from the Australian Premier events in December 2017 here 

Please note- this post will be updated regularly following the week 4 events.

Week 1 (January 6th & 7th)

NLG, Ormond | League Challenge (12 Masters)

  1. Henry Brand- Greninja
  2. James Farrugia- Tapu Bulu GX/ Silvally GX/ Rayquaza
  3. Corey Matthews – Tapu Bulu GX/ Vikavolt
  4. Jordan Bradley- Volcanion EX

Guf, Bendigo | League Cup (37 Masters)

  1. Henry Brand- Greninja
  2. James Goreing- Volcanion EX
  3. Robin Sangwan – Gardevoir
  4. Ryan Bentley – Tapu Bulu GX/ Vikavolt
  5. Matty Masefield – Buzzwole GX/ Garbodor
  6. Dylan Van Der Riet – Tapu Bulu GX/ Vikavolt
  7. Matthew Donnelly – Gardevoir
  8. Amy Wilson- Golisopod GX/ Garbodor

Good Games, Cannington | League Cup (24 Masters)

  1. Braden Short- Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  2. Matthew Bray – Greninja
  3. Greg Chin- Zoroark GX/ Lycanroc GX
  4. Shaun Sewell – Gardevoir
  5. Aidan Hoare – Zoroark GX/ Lycanroc GX
  6. Andrew Tandianus – Zoroark GX/ Lycanroc GX
  7. Will Sutandi – Volcanion EX
  8. Daniel Ross-Brown – Ho-Oh GX/ Salazzle GX

Week 2 (January 13th)

Neo Tokyo, Toowoomba | League Cup (35 Masters)

  1. James Williams- Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  2. Max Prescott- Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  3. Nicholas Moore – Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  4. Jack Millar – Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  5. Bodhi Cutler – Lycanroc GX/ Zoroark GX
  6. Ty Farry – Volcanion EX/ Turtonator GX
  7. Alex Jemison – Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX/ Garbodor
  8. Harrison Hodges- Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX

Week 3 (January 20th & 21st)

Guf, Ballarat | League Challenge (5 Masters)

  1. Erin Peebles- Espeon GX/ Zoroark GX
  2. Emily Kan- Ninetales GX
  3. Jacob Sparks- Volcanion EX
  4. William Ohlsen – Guzzlord GX

Top Deck Games, Sunshine | League Challenge (12 Masters)

  1. Henry Brand- Greninja
  2. Morten Pedersen – Sylveon
  3. Michael Zirnsak – Lycanroc GX/ Zoroark GX
  4. Corey ? – Tapu Bulu GX/ Vikavolt

Good Games, Top Ryde City | League Challenge (16 Masters)

  1. Paul Coletta – Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  2. Corey Munro – Lycanroc GX/ Zoroark GX
  3. Naomi Murn – Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  4. Luke Wells- Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX

Good Games, Newcastle | League Challenge (14 Masters)

  1. Scott Howard – Alolan Ninetales/ Zoroark GX
  2. Jeremy Evans – Tapu Bulu GX/ Vikavolt
  3. Allan Frary – Alolan Golem GX
  4. Neville Pearson – Genesect/ Venasaur

Gametraders, Marion | League Cup (33 Masters)

  1. Sameer Sangwan – Tapu Bulu GX/ Vikavolt/ Zoroark GX
  2. Tommy Le – Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  3. Angus Johnson – Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  4. Scott Langford – Tapu Bulu GX/ Vikavolt
  5. Ben Anderson – Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  6. Louis Huckins – Golisopod GX/ Garbodor
  7. Steven Filiposki – Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  8. Jordan Palmer – Gardevoir

Gametraders, Marion | League Challenge (13 Masters)

  1. Matthew Masters – Greninja/ Zoroark GX
  2. Jordan Palmer – Zoroark GX/ Lycanroc GX
  3. Dan Niutta – Volcanion EX
  4. Mitch Knuckey – Zoroark GX/ Lycanroc GX

Mega Games, Penrith | League Challenge (20 Masters)

  1. Naomi Murn – Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  2. Yinghao Tou – Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  3. Dillon Zhou- Sarno – Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  4. Glen Azize – Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX

Guf, Bendigo | League Challenge (6 Masters)

  1. Jacob Sparks – Volcanion EX
  2. Tyson Maggio- Zoroark GX/ Golisopod GX
  3. Jessie Walter- Zoroark GX/ Lycanroc GX
  4. Bayley Janssen – Gardevoir GX/ Sylveon GX

Guf, Werribee | League Challenge (10 Masters- Results Unknown)

Realms of Magic and Miniatures | League Challenge (Results Unknown)

Good Games, Fraser Coast | League Challenge (Results Unknown)



*Pie chart includes results from all League Challenges and League Cups in January 2018

Compared to December 2017- 

— Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX and Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX remain in the top 3 best performing decks.

— Decidueye GX/ Zoroark GX and Metal variants did not earn a single place in the top cut of any event (3rd and 5th most successful decks last month, respectively)

— Tapu Bulu GX/ Vikavolt and Volcanion EX have moved from 9th and 10th place respectively to equal 4th place

— Lycanroc GX/ Zoroark GX has emerged as a successful archetype – entering the top 10 list at 2nd place


Thank you to everyone who assisted with the collection of results for this article, and all the store owners, TOs, and judges who organized and staffed the events.

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