Pokémon TCG – The Australian Meta (February 2018)

The Australian Meta

The Perth Regional Championships is fast approaching! How will you decide which deck to pilot? It may be helpful to know which decks are dominating Pokémon Trading Card Game events around the country. Here are the results from every sanctioned Premier Event in Australia since Ultra Prism became legal for competitive play.

You can find a list of results from the Australian Premier events in December 2017 here and January 2018 here

This month, SAbleye team member and Play! Pokemon TCG Australia admin James Goreing dive a little bit deeper into the results and answer a few key questions- were the results what we expected to see? Where were all the metal decks? And what will the meta look like at Perth Regionals? The audio is intended to be an accompaniment to the article… think of it as a guided tour. Enjoy!

NB: All premier events were League Challenges

Week 1- February 17th/18th (Concurrent with Collinsville Regionals and Malmo Regionals)

Lazarus Gaming, Mildura | 17.02.18 (?? Masters)

  1. Ethan Tonzing (Glaceon GX/ Zoroark GX)
  2. Jordan Bamford (Espeon GX/ Garbodor)
  3. Anna Valente (Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX)
  4. Jaxon Stafford (Magnezone/ Dusk Mane Necrozma GX)

 Mega Games, Penrith | 18.02.18 (13 Masters) [Decklists available HERE]

  1. Corey Munro (Lapras GX/ Dawn Wings Necrozma GX)
  2. Ruben Cortez (Empoleon/ Zoroark GX)
  3. David Patane (Gourgeist/ Rotom)
  4. Joshua Stone (Glaceon GX/ Zoroark GX)

Realms of Magic and Miniatures | 17.02.18 (Results Unknown)

Week 2- February 24th/25th 

Next Level Games, Ormond | 24.02.18 (20 Masters)

  1. Steven Filiposki (Buzzwole GX/ Garbodor/ Carbink Break)
  2. Rosario R (Dusk Mane Necrozma/ Garbodor)
  3. Hudson Moore (Buzzwole GX/ Garbodor/ Carbink Break)
  4. Gareth Murphy (Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX)

Gametraders, Marion | 24.02.18 (21 Masters)

  1. Jordan Palmer (Zoroark GX)
  2. Amy Wilson (Magenzone/ Dusk Mane Necrozma GX)
  3. Aaron Van der Kolk (Hoopa/ Wobbuffet Break)
  4. Matthew Masters (Necrozma GX/ Solgaleo Prism/ Max Elixir)

Guf, Ballarat |  24.02.18 (?? Masters)

  1. Dylan BM (Volcanion EX)
  2. Tyson Maggio (Golisopod GX/ Garbodor)
  3. Dylan Van der Riet (Zoroark GX/ Gardevoir GX)
  4. Andrew Blair (Zoroark GX/ Counter Energy box)

Good Games Battleaxe, Kingston | 24.02.18 (6 Masters)

  1. Sam Wills (Gardevoir GX)
  2. Olive Bruce (Magnezone/ Solgaleo GX)
  3. Chris Bonnitcha (Metagross GX/ Solgaleo GX)
  4. Steven Mason (Tapu Bulu GX/ Vikavolt)

Good Games, Fraser Coast | 24.02.18 (Results Unknown)

Neo Tokyo, Toowoomba | 25.02.18 (28 Masters)

  1. Bodhi Cutler (Zoroark GX/ Gardevoir GX)
  2. Max Prescott (Golisopod GX/ Garbodor)
  3. Jake Hudson (Glaceon GX/ Alolan Ninetales GX)
  4. Ehren Roebuck (Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX/ Carbink Break)

Good Games, Hobart | 25.02.18 (4 Masters)

  1. Sean Gressie (Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX)
  2. David Stevens (Buzzwole GX/ Garbodor)
  3. Christ Mathers (Guzzlord GX/ Mew)
  4. David Redman (Solgaleo GX/ Metal)

Next Level Games, Dandenong | 25.02.18 (16 Masters)

  1. Luke Schmitt (Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX)
  2. Hudson Moore (Buzzwole GX/ Garbodor)
  3. Gareth Murphy (Buzzwole GX/ Garbodor)
  4. Henry Brand (Zoroark GX/ Gardevoir GX)

Thank you to everyone who assisted with the collection of results for this article, and all the store owners, TOs, and judges who organized and staffed the events.

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