Pokémon TCG – The Australian Meta (April 2018)

The Australian Meta

The Latin America International Championships has just concluded! Who found success? Which decks were piloted to a top cut? And which deck should you play at the next event?

It may be helpful to know  which decks are dominating Pokémon Trading Card Game events around the country. Here are the results from every sanctioned Premier Event in Australia during the month of April.

You can find a list of results from the Australian Premier events in March here and February 2018 here 

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Week 1

07.04.2018 Good Games, Newcastle | League Challenge (11 Masters)

  1. Corey Munro – Lucario GX/ Zoroark GX
  2. Paul Coletta – Zoroark GX/ Lycanroc GX
  3. Ying Hao Tou – Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX
  4. David Patane – Gourgeist/ Rotom (deck list available here)

Week 2

13.04.18 Next Level Games, Ormond | League Challenge (11 Masters)

  1. Peter L – Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  2. Corey Matthews – Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  3. Jack Fone – Espeon GX/ Garbodor
  4. Te-Awhi- Dusk Mane Necrozma GX/ Magnezone

14.04.18 Gametraders, Marion | League Cup (24 Masters)

  1. Ryan Bentley – Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  2. Ben Sinclair- Lucario GX/ Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX
  3. Robin Sangwan- Gardevoir GX/ Zoroark GX
  4. Jordan Palmer – Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  5. Huy Nguyen- Lucario GX/ Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX
  6. Kael Portlock – Attacking Hoopa
  7. Sameer Sangwan – Gardevoir GX/ Diancie
  8. Dylan Van der riet- Tapu Bulu GX/ Vikavolt

15.04.18 Guf, Bendigo | League Challenge (8 Masters)

  1. Jacob Sparks- Sylveon GX
  2. Aiden Cronin- Buzzwole GX/ Garbodor
  3. Nathan Hanns- Lucario GX/ Zoroark GX
  4. Ben Woodward- Dusk Mane Necrozma GX/ Solgaleo GX/ Magnezone

-Good Games Battleaxe, Kingston | League Challenge 14/04/2018 (Insufficient Players)

-Guf, Ballarat | League Challenge 14/04/2018 (Results Unknown)

-Area 52, Hobart | League Challenge 15/04/2018 (Results Unknown)

Week 3

21.04.18 Gametraders, Marion |League Challenge (6 Masters)

  1. Aaron van der Kolk – Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  2. Nick Hensing- Tapu Bulu GX/ Vikavolt
  3. Mitch Knuckey- Greninja
  4. Carol Poyner- Lucario GX/ Lycanroc GX

21.04.18 Neo-Tokyo, Toowoomba |League Cup (24 Masters)

  1. Bodhi Cutler- Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  2. Jack Millar – Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  3. Max Prescott – Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  4. Ty Farry – Zoroark GX/ Lycanroc GX
  5. James Williams – Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  6. Matthew Burris – Zoroark GX/ Lycanroc GX
  7. Jesse Becker- Espeon GX/ Garbodor
  8. James Dickson- Pachirisu/ Raichu

22.04.18 Neo-Tokyo, Toowoomba |League Challenge (17 Masters)

  1. Brett Laird- Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  2. Anthony Smith – Dusk Mane Necrozma GX/ Magnezone
  3. Sean Federoff- Greninja
  4. Ehren Roebuck- Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX/ Carbink

22.04.18 Good Games, Melbourne | League Challenge (20 Masters)

  1. Luke Schmitt – Lucario GX/ Zoroark GX
  2. Hudson Moore – Dusk Mane Necrozma GX / Magnezone GX
  3. Peter Lo – Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  4. Benjamin Hall – Lurantis GX/ Lurantis / Turtonator GX/ Salazzle GX

22.04.18 Mega Games, Penrith | League Challenge (15 Masters)

  1. Paul Coletta- Zoroark GX/ Lycanroc GX
  2. Brent Tonisson- Golisopod GX/ Zoroark GX
  3. Joshua Stone- Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  4. Luke Wells- Zoroark GX/ Zoroark Break/ Weavile

Week 4 (concurrent with the Latin America International Championships)

29.04.18 Next Level Games, Dandenong | League Challenge (12 Masters)

  1. Josh B – Greninja
  2. Luke Schmitt – Zoroark GX/ Lycanroc GX
  3. Cameron Dimond- Buzzwole GX/ Lycanroc GX
  4. Jay Tyrrell – Passimian / Mew

-Guf, Geelong | League Challenge (Results Unknown)

Thank you to everyone who assisted with the collection of results for this article, and all the store owners, TOs, and judges who organized and staffed the events.

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