Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer – Starter Z-moves, Alolan Dugtrio and 2 Ultra Beasts Revealed


It’s only 2 days until Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released, and info is still being pumped out! However, it is so close to launch day that this is expected to be the last reveal trailer for the game. This trailer reveals the exclusive Z-moves of the Alolan starters, two new Alolan formes and two Ultra Beasts!


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All three Alolan starters’ final forms have exclusive Z-moves. All do damage, but it is unknown if they have any secondary effects. Decidueye’s Z-move is Sinister Arrow Raid, Incineroar’s Z-move is Malicious Moonsault, and Primarina’s Z-move is Oceanic Operetta.

In addition, new details on Z-moves in general have been revealed on the official Sun and Moon website!

  • Z-Moves bypass Protect and Detect
  • The base power of Z-moves varies based on what move it is based on. So, a Z-move based on a 40-base power move such as Tackle (a nerf also revealed on the official website; Tackle used to have 50 base power) will have a base power of 100, while a stronger move like Giga Impact (base 150) will have a base power of 200.
  • The Normal-type Z-move is revealed to be called Breakneck Blitz
  • If the base move is a status move, it will gain a second effect. For example, Z-Thunder Wave will increase the user’s Special Defence by one stage in addition to paralysing the target, Z-Memento will fully restore the HP of the Pokémon that comes in after the user faints, and Z-Splash will increase the user’s Attack by 3 stages, where Splash normally does nothing at all.

New Alolan Formes

Alolan Diglett


Alolan Diglett live in volcanic areas, which are tougher to hide in than the Diglett habitats of Kanto and the Battle Zone. They have three tufts of hair on their heads that are said to be metallic whiskers, which allow Alolan Diglett to scan the area without popping out of the ground. These hairs are also used to communicate emotion. When they stand straight up, Diglett is angry; when they wave gently, Diglett is on alert; when it swings its hair around, Diglett is happy; when the hairs droop, Diglett is sad or lonely.

Alolan Dugtrio


The people of Alola worship Alolan Dugtrio as god, and they even bow down to them whenever they pop out of the ground in their presence. Alolan Dugtrio has longer hair than Alolan Diglett, and this hair slowly grows throughout its life. It is said that Alolan Dugtrio will come out of their holes on the day a volcano erupts. This will cause older Alolan residents to flee the moment they see one do so.

Both Alolan Diglett and Alolan Dugtrio are Ground/Steel-types, and have the abilities Sand Veil and Tangling Hair. Tangling Hair lowers the Speed of any Pokémon who comes into direct contact with it.

Ultra Beasts


Two new Ultra Beasts have been revealed in the latest video: UB-03 Lighting (left), and UB-05 Glutton (right). UB-05 Glutton has a huge appetite, and will eat anything in front of it, even the ground and the sea! However, it does not produce any waste. It is said that everything it eats is converted into energy, but the exact process is unclear. As for UB-03 Lighting, unfortunately details on it are completely unknown at this stage except what it looks like; you will have to buy the games to learn about it.

Take a look at the trailer for full details on everything revealed!

That’s it until the games are released this Friday! Enjoy the rest of the week, but try not to get too excited or you may make yourself sick!

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