Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer – Starter Pokémon Final Evolutions, Tapu Pokémon, and old Rivals Revealed


Yet another reveal video has just been posted on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, and boy does it have some awesome reveals!

New Pokémon

Starter Pokémon Final Evolutions



Decidueye is the final form of Rowlet. Unlike its pre-evolved forms, Decidueye is not a Grass/Flying-type, but a Grass/Ghost-type! It can move about completely unnoticed by its prey. It often acts cool, but can get flustered during unexpected situations like surprise attacks. Decidueye has a signature move called Spirit Shackle, which is a physical Ghost-type move that does damage and prevents the target from switching.



Incineroar is the final form of Litten. Despite being a biped, it is not a Fire/Fighting-type, but a Fire/Dark-type. Incineroar can shoot flames from its navel and waist, where it has formations that look like flames. It is so merciless that it will sometimes even attack the opposing Pokémon’s trainer! Its fighting spirit increases when cheered on, but falters when the crowd is quiet. It also falters when facing a weakened opponent, which sometimes gets it taken advantage of. Darkest Lariat is Incineroar’s signature move. It ignores stat changes while dealing damage.



Primarina is the final form of Popplio, and is a Water/Fairy-type. Primarina moves the water balloons it creates using its voice. If it has throat trouble, this becomes a major issue, meaning it is not wise to make it use its voice too much at once. Sparkling Aria is Primarina’s signature move, and is the only Water-type move that heals a target’s burn.


The Tapu are the guardians of Alola. Until now, the only known Tapu was Tapu Koko.

All Tapu can learn Nature’s Madness, which halves the target’s remaining HP, just like Super Fang. They also share the Z-move Guardian Of Alola, which deals damage equal to 3/4 of the target’s remaining HP, basically a stronger Super Fang.

Tapu Bulu


Tapu Bulu is the guardian of Ula’Ula Island, and a Grass/Fairy-type. Tapu Bulu has two horns made of wood on its head, which it can manipulate at will, as it can with any plant. Tapu Bulu does not move much; the reason for this is unknown. It dislikes frightening other beings, so it makes a loud noise with its tail to alert others of its presence. It has the ability Grassy Surge, which creates Grassy Terrain when it enters battle. Grassy Terrain boosts the power of Grass moves used by grounded Pokémon, and heals their HP a little at the end of each turn. It also changes Secret Power’s secondary effect to sleep, and reduces damage from Earthquake, Magnitude and Bulldoze.

Tapu Lele


Tapu Lele is the guardian of Akala Island, and a Psychic/Fairy-type. Tapu Lele enjoys scattering its scales onto others. These scales help heal wounds, but too many can be dangerous. Its ability is Psychic Surge, which creates Psychic Terrain, a new field effect, when it enters battle. Psychic Terrain boosts the power of Grounded Pokémon’s Psychic moves, and also protects them from priority moves.

Tapu Fini


Tapu Fini is the guardian of Poni Island, and a Water/Fairy-type. Tapu Fini can create a special water that cleanses the mind and body, but protects it with fog that puts people in a trance and sometimes leads to them destroying themselves. Tapu Fini dislikes revealing itself to humans because of past experiences with evil humans. Its ability is Misty Surge, which creates Misty Terrain when it enters battle. Misty Terrain halves damage dealt to grounded Pokémon from Dragon-type moves and protects them from status conditions, including confusion.

Other New Pokémon Revealed



Cosmog is a Psychic Pokémon, and one of the smallest Pokémon in existence, at 8 inches tall and weighing only 0.2 pounds. It shows no fear towards people or Pokémon, and takes a liking to anyone who shows it even a little bit of consideration. Cosmog has the ability Unaware.

Alolan Persian


Persian’s Alolan forme is Dark-type, just like Alolan Meowth. Alolan Persian looks down on everyone, including its own trainer, and is therefore difficult to have as a battle partner. This attitude often causes it to underestimate its opponents, leaving it vulnerable to counterattacks to its tricky tactics. Alolan Persian has the abilities Fur Coat and Technician.

Pokémon League

Atop Mount Lanakila is a construction site where a new Pokémon League is being built! This Pokémon League is not available to be challenged straight away, but it is unclear if it will be challengeable later in the game, or even in a future game.

Battle Tree

The Battle Tree is where trainers who have beaten the Island Challenge or a regional Pokémon League come to battle. These trainers are known to include Cynthia from Sinnoh, Wally from Hoenn, and even Red and Blue from Kanto! After you’ve defeated a trainer, you can scout him or her out and then battle alongside him or her!


The player character battling alongside Cynthia


Red and Blue all grown up! Red still doesn’t speak.

You can watch the trailer with reveals of all the above information shown!

That’s all for now. There’s less than a month to go before launch, so it’s unknown if there will be another reveal between now and then, but if there is, we will report on it immediately.

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