Pokémon Sun and Moon – New Pokémon and details revealed!

A new video was released overnight revealing a number of new Pokémon, details on previously-released Pokémon, and more new features to be expected in Sun and Moon!

New Pokémon


Wimpod is a Bug/Water Pokémon, the first of this combination since Surskit. Its Ability is Wimp Out, which causes it to flee battle (or switch out if it’s human-trained) when its HP goes below 50%, making it difficult to capture. Wimpod are cowardly Pokémon, and sensitive to sudden movements and sounds. However, they are also curious creatures who are not afraid of approaching anything standing still. Wimpod can defend themselves with a smelly poisonous liquid that alerts their peers to danger. Wimpod eat and store anything they find on the ground or in the water, making them efficient cleaners.


Bounsweet is a bouncing berry-like Grass-type Pokémon. Its Abilities are Leaf Guard and Oblivious. Bounsweet gives off a delicious smell, which sees it often fall prey to hungry predators. But it is also useful as an air freshener inside homes. Bounsweet defends itself by rotating the calyx on its head, although this causes it to become dizzy.



Comfey is a Fairy-type Pokémon based on a flower crown. Its Abilities are Flower Veil and Triage. Triage grants +1 priority to recovery moves. Comfey collects flowers and carries them around with it. Using the flowers, it forms a ring of blossoms and coats them with oil to give off a soothing aroma. This aroma allows it to help treat patients in hospitals and Pokémon Centres.



Mudsdale is a Ground-type Pokémon based on a Clydesdale horse. Its Abilities are Own Tempo and Stamina. Stamina increases its Defence if it is hit by an attack. Mudsdale has a powerful body that allows it to run for 3 days straight even if it’s pulling loads of up to 10 tons! A galloping Mudsdale can leave huge potholes in the ground, and as a result they are forbidden from running on public roads.



Mimikyu keeps its Japanese name. It has been revealed that its ability, Disguise, grants it immunity to the first attack that hits it. This hit instead ‘busts’ its Disguise. This means it cannot be knocked out in one hit, or even two if it also holds a Focus Sash!



Kiteruguma’s English name has been revealed to be Bewear. Its Ability Fluffy halves the damage it takes from attacks that touch it, and also immediately returns double damage taken from Fire attacks!

Live Competitions

One of the best reveals from this video is the ability to make and host your very own Live Competitions with your very own rulesets! This makes making practice VGC tournaments, grassroots VGC tournaments, and even official Premier Challenges, a LOT easier to make and manage accurately!

Hyper Training


Lastly, there is a new feature called Hyper Training, which allows players to maximise their Pokémon’s IVs, negating the need to breed or soft-reset for perfect Pokémon! This can be done by a man called Mr. Hyper, in exchange for bottle caps.

What do you think of these revelations? What else would you like to see? Feel free to leave your thoughts below, and/or share your opinions on our Facebook group!

Image credit: Bulbagarden

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One comment

  1. even with Hyper training you will still be required to breed for specific egg moves, and in the chances of getting a shiny.

    I just don’t see all the hate behind it, Sure if people want to be traditional, with their IV, they can do it the hard way.

    For other people, It makes the whole IV training More Simplified.

    Me i dont mind it, Likely there will be Limitations placed upon you, Like How many Bottle caps you can obtain in the game, or what each kind of Bottle Cap does.

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