Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo – Timed Secrets


The Pokémon Sun and Moon demo has been out for a few days now, but even if you’ve already finished it there are still reasons to keep going back and playing it! As mentioned in our previous article covering the initial play-through of the demo, there are several NPCs around the island that hint that you should try returning to the game in a certain amount of days to speak with them, to unlock some kind of secret.

For your convenience, we have compiled the list of characters and days to go speak to them below. Please note that you have to go see the NPC on the specific day mentioned below, not the day before or after.

After your initial play, go speak to the following NPCs in the mentioned number of days:

1 Day: There is a man next to the Pokémon Centre who will give you 10 Pretty Wings when you talk with him.


5 Days: A girl with a hat is standing on the street corner who mentions that she has a date with a guy, but she has arrived 5 days too early.


12 Days: Inside the town hall, there is a man accompanied by his Pikachu who mentions that soon he will be celebrating his Pikachu’s birthday.


18 Days: A policeman down on the Marina mentions that a shady deal will be taking place on the Marina very soon.


24 Days: A girl down at the Ferry Station will be departing the Island soon and would like you to return when she is leaving to see her off.


31 Days: The attendant at the Cafe inside the Pokemon Centre tells you that the owner of the Cafe is off travelling and will return in one month – November 18th, the release date of Pokémon Sun and Moon (if you played the demo on its launch day). This could simply be stating that the cafe will be operational with the full game, but it is worth checking the demo on this day just in case!


We will update each description once these events have passed with what occurs/what items you can obtain.

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