Pokémon Rumble U Details Emerge

Leaks from CoroCoro have begun to come out, and the first details we have are about Pokémon Rumble U, a Pokémon Rumble game for the Wii U.

This game, is set to come out in Japan on the 24th of April for 1800¥. The game is the first for the Wii U to actually use the NFC feature. You can purchase a figure, much like skylanders, and have it appear in the game. Figures will be available from launch for 200¥ each.

Six standard figurines and one special figurine will be available on April 24th, the same day as the game is released in Japan. The figures are trainable, and you can record your battle information on them.


In terms of the story, the toy Pokémon have been lost from the shop after falling in a river. The task is to get back to the Toy Shop, while, of course, facing various bosses.

Source: Serebii

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