Pokémon Meet-up Perth: Summary

Last weekend Perth fans gathered at Supanova at the first of many Pokémon meet-ups happening throughout Australia over the coming weeks. With only a few days to prepare, 50 players showed up to battle it out for the chance at winning PAX tickets, flights, and accommodation so that they could play in the first ever Australian Pokémon National Championships!

Below is the battle video between the two Senior Finalists, Jeremy and Daniel.

Pokemon Australia was lucky enough to get a summary of the Senior winner Jeremy’s day too!

When I first learned about the  Pokémon tournament during my time checking out Supanova Perth, I figured ‘why not?’. I suddenly realised that I wasn’t going to be playing just for fun but for the chance to potentially represent Australia against the world’s best in the World Championships. With no competitive experience and this being my VERY FIRST  Pokémon VG tournament ever, the best I could do was to hope that my interest in the  Pokémon battling metagame would finally pay off. To my surprise, it did, as I battled my way through the rounds all the way to the finals. The final match was intense as I was against a tournament veteran, named Daniel Vincec. Nervous as I was, we started our battle and after the match, I was announced as the winner of the tournament. It was a very surreal feeling as I was still shaking from both excitement and anxiety but I enjoyed every bit of that tournament!

Be sure to keep checking back with us as we provide coverage of the Pokémon meet-ups as they continue to occur throughout Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Sydney.

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