Pokémon Hoopa distribution has made its way back to Australia!


While you were sleeping it was announced that Europeans would be getting Hoopa via serial code. This is great news for us Aussies, as it includes us too!

To get Hoopa on your X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire game, all you have to do is enter the Serial Code: HOOPA2016 before April 30th! This Hoopa is identical to the one distributed in select retail stores in January this year.

We will be sure to let trainers know when details for the rest of the mythical Pokémon distribution are confirmed!

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  1. So if we got the ones for EB games we can’t receive it ?

    • If you already have Hoopa from an event code, you can not get another.

      • Can you get him in Pokémon omega ruby without a code because the way u get all those legendaries is because they come through a ring that looks like hoopas alehoopa ring. Maybe we have to catch all the legendaries or beat them?

  2. James Alexander

    I missed it by literally 4 days since the 3DS news neglected to tell me the event was going on so will hoopa ever be available in australia again or am I screwed :l

  3. a dude in australia

    i hope it happens again so im not screwed

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