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Hello everyone! My name is Tim (also known as the PokeDad), and I’m the newest member of the PokéAus team. Today I’m going to take you through a tool that you might find handy if you’re wanting to stay up to date with official Pokémon events going on in your area, the Pokémon Event Calendar Tool! (Yea, the naming department really didn’t stress themselves out too much on this one).

If you’ve ever visited the official Pokémon website, you’re probably familiar with the Event Locator. In case you’re not, you can click here to go straight there.


It’s a really useful tool when you’re trying to find official tournaments or events either near where you live or in other places around Australia (or the world). But the information is a snapshot – if you check today and add the events to your calendar, they might change tomorrow and you wouldn’t know unless you checked again.


Enter the Pokémon Event Calendar Tool! If you have a computer, phone or tablet that supports subscribeable calendars (iOS does natively, and Android does with the help of iCalSync), you can actually take the information above and have it automatically show up in your calendar.

Head over to the Pokémon Event Calendar Tool,  you’ll notice it’s got a lot of the same search parameters that the official site has. Select the country and city you want to see events for, then select how far out you’re willing to travel (this limits which events show up – you can show everything worldwide if you want to!), as well as which types of events you’re interested in.


Once you’ve put everything in, hit Submit, and you’ll get the screen below.


Click on the “WebCal Subscription Link” and your device should then try to subscribe to the calendar. It may take a moment for the magic to work, but once you’re done, your calendar will now look like this!


So much easier than having to keep checking the Pokémon website! And as long as you subscribe to it, these events will automatically update, so if something changes, you’ll know about it.

You can access the Pokémon Event Calendar Tool at http://cdac.link/pokemon and it works just fine on your phone. Try it out and let us know how it works for you in the comments below!

About Tim Crockford

Tim, aka the PokeDad, after playing through the 2015 season of both VGC and TCG, realised that being beaten by 16 year olds at 32 probably wasn't the right way to go about attending events with his son, so in 2016 can be found at the judging tables doing his best to look like he belongs there.


  1. Hi, I’m using the calendars created with your tool on my wordpress website (still under construction : sitrusberry.ch/event-locator). It’s really awesome and works great. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to display it, but it’s already an extreme power-and-helpful tool. Thanks a lot !

    PS : I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I’d like to filter events displayed, like removing every event with “League Challenge” in it’s title. Do you have any hint on how to achieve that ?

  2. Hi McWilbur! Glad you’re getting some use out of the tool. To answer your question, and this stage there isn’t any filtering on the tool side for text. It’s definitely something I could look at adding, however for the moment you’d have to do the filtering on your WordPress side and just strip out the events you didn’t want to see.

  3. Okay, quick followup on my post above. I’ve added in a filtering feature into the calendar – it’s not available through the GUI yet as I need to make it a bit more user friendly, but if you want to apply a filter to the results that come back, you can add the “filter” parameter to the URL you get back. So say this is your short URL for your calendar (it happens to be the URL for all TCG tournaments and premier events in Australia).


    You could get this to just show Regionals by changing it to this.


    The reason I haven’t added this into the GUI yet is because it’s actually using regular expressions. So that means you can do some fancier things like this to apply multiple filters.


    This will return all matching events that have the word Regional or National in them, but also ignores the case of the first letter (the filter is normally case sensitive).

    Now, to your original question, yes, you can also exclude all events that match a certain filter – I haven’t experimented with it too much yet other than to verify it works, but here’s an example.


    This one will bring back all events that don’t have the word Regional in them. It’s a bit more complicated as you can see! Try it out and see how you go!

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