Pokémon Direct Midnight Tonight!

While you were sleeping …

There will be a Pokémon Direct on Pokémon’s official YouTube and Twitch channels at midnight EST tonight (June 7)!

For Adelaide that’s June 6 11:30pm, and for Perth it’s June 6 10:00pm.

At this early stage we don’t know what it will entail, but stay tuned as this will be big!

About MachopFan

Hailing from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, MachopFan became a Pokémon fan in 1999. He joined the competitive scene during the 2007 DS Connection Tour, a week after Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were released in Australia. After learning that Australia was not in the Video Game World Championship, he played a major role in the campaign to include Australia. MachopFan competed in Australia's first National Championship, placing in the Top 8.

One comment

  1. Calling it:
    Gen 2 for 3DS VC.
    Gen 4 remakes for 3DS.
    Pokken Tournament for Switch.

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