Pokémon 20th Anniversary Plush exclusive to EB Games and Zing in Australia


The Pokémon 20th Anniversary hype is well and truly here with the mountain of announcements that poured through yesterday. Following on from this, PokéCollection has confirmed that the monthly mythical toy releases will be coming to Australia exclusively at EB Games and Zing, and New Zealand exclusively at EB Games!

Each month, starting February a new mythical plush will hit our shelves:

  • February – Mew
  • March – Celebi
  • April – Jirachi
  • May – Darkrai
  • June – Manaphy
  • July – Shaymin
  • August – Arceus
  • September – Victini
  • October – Keldeo
  • November – Genesect
  • December – Meloetta

Images of each plush can be viewed below (click each image for a larger view):


PokéCollection will also be exclusively showcasing these new plush primarily on their YouTube, as well as their other platforms including their facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Source: PokéCollection
Images: Pokemon20.com

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  1. Here’s hoping that Pokémon would release a 20th anniversary soundtrack.

  2. Was wondering if you knew the pricing for these? Thanks in advance ^^

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