PokéMelbourne VGC2016 Tournament – EB Games Swanston Street


The annual PokéMelbourne tournament at EB Games Swanston has been revealed today, as they kick off the year with their first VGC 2016 event.

Date: Saturday, January 30th 2016
Time: 9:30am
Venue: EB Games Swanston Street, Melbourne
Rules: VGC 2016
Full Rules: http://bit.ly/1PJPo3m
Registration Form: http://bit.ly/1JqOuYd
Player Cap: There will be a numbers cap on the event of 128 people, broken down: 96 Masters,32 Seniors/Juniors. It should be noted if Senior’s spots don’t fill, those spots can be allocated to Master players.

Are you going to attend? Be sure to click the image below to be taken to the official facebook event!


This event is being run by PokéMelbourne, their details are below:


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