Pokeclectic January Tournament: A Top 2 Team Breakdown

With a new year in the VGC cycle starting up and many new Pokémon starting to become legal again, including legendaries like Landorus, Heatran and Thundurus, many Pokémon are swept under the rug and forgotten about.

This VGC I decided to use some of these Pokémon to make a team that has the ability to surprise and to win. This team did not include a legendary, a Pokémon with a base stat of 600 or more, or even a Pokémon ranked in the global top 15 for Battle Spot Doubles.

The Team


Mega Aggron (Roman)
The wall of the team and the only mega used. Somehow forgotten despite a massive base Defence and Attack paired with a great ability in Filter, it is able to wall Mega Kanga and other physical attacking Pokémon very effectively.

With the reintroduction of tutor moves the Steel/Rock type regains access to moves like ThunderPunch and Ice Punch, both moves which I utilise. Other moves that make it a deadly threat include Heavy Slam, which will OHKO all but a few Fairy-type Pokémon even with minimal investment in Attack, and Rock Slide, a terrific multi-target move to knock out Pokémon like Mega Charizard Y and Talonflame. These are the only four moves I am using with my Mega Aggron, but other notable moves include Metal Burst and Thunder Wave.



Altaria (Vanila)
Aggron’s best friend and Mega Charizard Y’s worst nightmare. With the use of Mega Charizard Y increasing for its Drought ability, Altaria can put a stop to 1-turn Solarbeam and increased damage from Heat Wave with the use of its own Hidden Ability, Cloud Nine. This is crucial as it will allow a Pokémon like Aggron to survive a Heat Wave with around 30-40% HP Remaining and then return attack with Rock Slide for a OHKO, instantly changing the game in your favour as you can control the weather.

Able to work as a physical or special attacker in either its normal or mega form, Altaria can pack a powerful punch, or become a supporter as mine is. Mine uses Haze to remove Weakness Policy, Defiant or Competitive boosts, Dragon Breath as a STAB attack and for its 30% chance to paralyse, Roost for recovery and Protect to maintain control of the weather for an extra turn.



Arcanine (Nat)
Personally my most favourite Pokémon of all, and when building this team I wanted to make sure it was used, with the highest base stat total of 555 (excluding Mega Aggron) and the use of the ability Intimidate it was, for me, someone worth bringing.

One of the beauties of the “Legendary Pokémon” is its versatility in battle. Although its moves are few, there are stats that back it up. My Arcanine carries Will-o-wisp, Snarl, Heat Wave and Hidden Power Ice. All of these moves are self-explanatory as they allow you to Burn opponents’ physical attackers, lower the Special Attack of your opponent’s special attackers, hit your opponent for a powerful mulit-hit STAB with additional burn chance and have an Ice type move for Pokemon like Garchomp, Salamence and Landorus.



Milotic (Eliza)
A real developing threat of VGC15 with the use of one of its normal abilities in Competitive, which will raise a Pokemon’s Special Attack by 2 stages when a stat is lowered. This, for Milotic, is very dangerous as a single Competitive boost lets it reach over 350 Special Attack.

The moves that Milotic can use successfully are limited to Scald, Ice Beam and a Hidden Power, leaving a forth move normally as a recovery or stab boosting move. However I use Assault Vest as my item meaning I am unable to use a recovery or status move. So to cover this, I use Icy Wind for its guarantied Speed drop and ability to hit both opponents at once. Other moves can include Mirror Coat, Blizzard, Brine and Dragon Pulse.



Scizor (Harrison)
One of the two more generic sets the Bug/Steel type is back with a vengeance. Now able to use Big Bite again, it gains the power to OHKO Pokémon like Cresselia and Hydreigon.

Keeping it simple, its four moves used are Pursuit, Bullet Punch, Bug Bite and Double Hit. Double Hit is a different move but an invaluable one as it will break a Smeargle’s Focus Sash with one hit, then KO on the second hit. Pursuit is there with the likelihood of opponents wanting to switch into a better options and the last two moves are power STAB options for it.



Weavile (Madison)
The Dark and Ice type weasel is back in black in VGC 15 with the regaining of moves such as Foul Play, Knock Off and Low Kick, all three vital moves that can make it extremely deadly with many Pokemon with high Attack stats, commonly holding items and many others also being heavy, this also means that it suffers from Four Slot Syndrome, meaning that deciding on four moves for it is rather difficult. Pair this with a very high base attack at 120 and a high speed of 125 making it a speed threat.

One thing that also has works well in Weavile’s favour is it’s Hidden Ability in Pick Pocket, this makes contact moves against it risky as the item can be stolen if the Weavile has no item, this can include being OHKO’ed at full HP, but if holding a Focus Sash the item will be used, allowing Weavile to take the attacker’s item. Other tricks it has in it’s arsenal include Fake Out, Icicle Crash, Beat Up, Ice Shard for powerful STABS and Poison Jab and/or Iron Tail for countering Fairy Pokemon.

All Pokemon play vital roles in supporting each other in battle, as major threats can be disposed of easily or crippled to the point of a switch or simply to made redundant, allowing you to focus on the other Pokémon.

In my opinion, VGC is filled with probability and percentages, meaning that most of the top 15 Pokémon listed on the Global Rankings will have generic sets, making them easier to predict.


On this passing Saturday (31st of January 2015) Pokéclectic hosted a VGC tournament, and although I was unable to attend as I live in Victoria, my friend Damian entered the tournament and used my team through it. At the end of the Double Elimination tournament the team outlasted 14 others to finish a respectable 2nd, losing only in the final. (See brackets below)

Round One

vs Talonflame/Garchomp/Sylveon/Aegislash/Kang/Togekiss
Used: Weavile/Arcanine/Milotic/Aggron

Round Two

vs Meowstic/Sableye/Greninja/Scizor/Talonflame/Terrakion
Used: Arcanine/Scizor/Milotic/Aggron
Replay: VKSW-WWWW-WWX7-97H8

Round Three

vs Abomosnow/Scrafty/Chandelure/Mawile/Talonflame/Jellicant
Used: Arcanine/Scizor/Aggron/Milotic

Round Four

vs Aegislash/Landorus/Weavile/Suicune/Togekiss/Salamence
Used: Weavile/Arcanine/Milotic/Aggron
Replay: AQVG-WWWW-WWX7-973Z


vs Abomosnow/Scrafty/Chandelure/Mawile/Talonflame/Jellicant
Used: Altaria/Aggron/Arcanine/Milotic

Final (Battle 1)

vs Aegislash/Landorus/Weavile/Suicune/Togekiss/Salamence
Used: Weavile/Scizor/Arcanine/Aggron

Final (Battle 2)

vs Aegislash/Landorus/Weavile/Suicune/Togekiss/Salamence
Used: Milotic/Weavile/Aggron/Scizor


Having got my friend all the way to the final, and then only losing to a critical hit, I would like to think that this team has been a big success. All it really needs is a few minor changes to its movepool. With this article I hope that other people also decide to use other Pokémon besides those who are seen as the best. There are many hidden gems within the 719 Pokemon that can be just as deadly as the 15 that are commonly talked about.

For those who are trying something different, I applaud you. During the building of this team I was critiqued greatly for the use of my team, to the point where I was told to “steal someone else’s team” if I wanted to have any remote success. I ignored the hateful words and have been able to build a successful team and I hope that all who want to be different have success.

A final thank you to the people from Pokéclétic who organised and ran the tournament, and also to Lionel Pryce for uploading the final 3 battles.


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  1. “For those who are trying something different, I applaud you. During the building of this team I was critiqued greatly for the use of my team, to the point where I was told to “steal someone else’s team” if I wanted to have any remote success. I ignored the hateful words and have been able to build a successful team and I hope that all who want to be different have success.”

    “Trying something different” is what most of the people in that tournament were doing, other than the guy who ultimately won it.

    The first tournament of the season will hopefully be a wakeup call for most people. We had a Kangaskhan without max happiness, six Talonflames, and only one Landorus-T.

    We’ll be running one of these every two months, ideally, now that we’ve got a confirmed venue 🙂

  2. Nice post. Good to know about the news

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