PokéBall Pattern Vivillon Coming to Australia

After being announced in different regions around the world, the PokéBall  Pattern Vivillon will be available to download for Australians! The PokéBall Pattern Vivillon will be available to download from August 29 until September 8 via the Nintendo Network.

Will you be picking up one of these adorable Vivillon?

Source: Serebii

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  1. Source please!

  2. nah I think I’ll pass on this one 😉

  3. at what time will it start and end? 3:00? I know it ends 8 of September. (by the way, I have both games so I get two! One might go to alpha saphire)

  4. really david? this vivillon is an exclusive! I missed out on fancy because I don’t pay attention much to events. 🙁

  5. melissa, the source is mystery gift

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