PokeAus VGC Easter Extravaganza

We at PokeAus are proud to announce our first online live VGC 2015 Tournament on the 3DS taking place on April 4 2015!

With the Aussie VGC Circuit around the corner, we hope that this online tournament will provide some good practice, and we have some pretty awesome prizes up for grabs too.

Tournament page for registration and other information can be found here.

Tournament Format
  • Swiss Tournament with a Top Cut.
  • The number of Swiss Rounds and Top Cut participants will depend on the amount of entries we get.
  • Swiss Rounds will be best-of-1.
  • Top Cut will be best-of-3.
  • Basic Rules can be found here.
  • In Top Cut, you are NOT allowed to change teams between games, if you are found doing this you will be disqualified.
  • The host has the ability to call time on battles not completed. If time is called, the host has final say in who is declared the winner.
  • In an event of disconnection, please contact the hosts for further action.
  • Please record a video while playing your match (using a phone or camcorder), to help in case of disputes. We also recommend saving all battle videos.
  • As mentioned the tournament format is Swiss, so just because you lose does not mean you are done, play the tournament out!

There will be a check in period of 30 minutes before the event starts. This is where you will manually have to check in, on the tournament page. You must also be in our mibbit chat room, using your Battlefy username to make things easier.

Check in will start at the following times:

  • New Zealand – 4:30pm
  • NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS – 2:30pm
  • SA – 2:00pm
  • QLD – 1:30pm
  • NT – 1:00pm
  • WA, Signapore, Malaysia – 11:30am
  • Round 1 will start after check in.
  • Each round of Swiss will go for 25 minutes maximum.
  • Top Cut will be on Sunday and will start 3:00pm Australian Eastern Time (Please be aware that Daylight savings in Australia will end on this day).
  • Each round in the Top Cut will be 1 hour maximum.
  1. $25
  2. $15
  3. $10

All $$ will be paid via Paypal in Australian dollars. Stay tuned as more prizes may be announced.

Contact Info

If you have any questions before the tournament, please contact myself, Phil Nguyen (Boomguy), on twitter.

During the tournament feel free to contact myself, or Jordan Saunders (jordeyshiro) if you have any questions.

About Stacey

Owner of this website, and control freak. Stacey formats PokeAus articles, and deals with back-end maintenance. Her aim this year is to collect data and write up usage stat articles for both the TCG and VGC community to enjoy.


  1. Too bad I’m away with my family over easter, I’d definitely be playing

  2. Can Americans play?

  3. As long as you play within the correct Australian time period, I do no see why not.

  4. Good luck & all the best to everyone tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing some of you next weekend at Brissie Regionals. Happy Easter!

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