PokéAus Open – Spring Open 2018

The first tournament of the PokéAus Open series, the Spring Open will be run throughout September and October, and will be used launch the Open series for the 2018/19 season. Any players wanting to compete in the tournament should ensure they have an account with Challonge prior to registering.

Registration Period

Signups will open at the beginning of August for the tournament. Signups will be done on Challonge by the team owner. Please ensure you have all your players registered to your team before the end of signups, and that you have between 3 and 5 team members.


If you don’t have any teams against your Challonge account you will be prompted to create one as part of the registration process. You can then access the team from the “Teams” menu on your account, and add in the players competing for your team. You can modify your team list as many times as you like during registration however these will be locked once the tournament begins.

Please note – the signup period for this tournament is longer than we expect future tournaments to be. This is to allow people time to get a Challonge account and get their team set up, which only needs to be done once. We’re anticipating some questions and need for support.

Tournament Format

The tournament will be run using a Double Elimination format. This means teams must lose two rounds to be eliminated from the tournament. In the event that the undefeated team in the final is defeated, then there will be another final played to fulfil the two loss requirement.

Teams will be added to the bracket on registration however these will be shuffled once registration closes.

Card Legality

The tournament will be played in the post rotation format of Sun & Moon to Celestial Storm. This also includes Shining Legends, the Lycanroc & Alolan Raichu Trainer Kit, and the McDonalds Collection 2017.

To ensure consistency throughout the tournament, Dragons Majesty will not be legal, even if the tournament continues past the set legality date.

Promo cards SM01 onwards will be legal for the tournament. Promo cards released on or after September 1st will not be legal for play. Please see the link below to confirm promo legality dates.


Tournament Period

The tournament will start on September 1st. The number of rounds in the tournament will be confirmed once the registration period has been closed. Each round will run for 1 week to give competitors sufficient time to schedule and play their matches.


Once the brackets are announced each round, the team owner will need to send a message to the Tournament Organiser confirming the three players they will be putting forward for that round (and their PTCGO username), as well as the deck archetype they will be using (deck archetype information will not be shared during the tournament but will be made available at it’s conclusion).

Information can be shared via email or via Challonge using the links below. Any information send to either of these locations is not publicly visible.

Email – [email protected]

Challonge – https://challonge.com/comment_threads/new?to=2865096

Once both teams have shared their players for the round, this information will be attached to the match in Challonge and matches can begin for that round.

Reporting Results

Team owners will be able to report their results once their matches are complete. Results should be reported using three sets, with each set being one match result. Please report the individual match results in the order shown on the player pairing attachment. Both team owners need to report their results and these must match. If there is any dispute over results the Tournament Organiser will make a ruling at their discretion.


Where possible, if you are able to stream your matches, please do so. This will help verify results in the event of a dispute, and some of the matches will have commentary added and made available after the tournament is finished.

Tournament Staff

  • Tournament Organiser – Tim Crockford
  • Social Media – Ellis Longhurst

Tournament staff will not be able to compete in the tournament.

Questions / Support

For any questions related to the tournament, please contact Pokémon Australia via email to [email protected].

Challonge Bracket

See who is currently signed up for the tournament or how they’re going once it starts.

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