Introducing the PokéAus Open Series

To help kickstart the season once rotation hits, Pokémon Australia is launching a new team based TCG circuit called the PokéAus Open series! The first event in the series is the PokéAus Spring Open starting in September 2018. Watch this space for more details!

What is the PokéAus Open series?

The PokéAus Open series is a new unofficial circuit that Pokémon Australia will be hosting throughout the 2018/19 Championship season. No prizes are on offer at this stage, however we are looking into whether we can offer these later in the season. Open Points are accumulated at all the Open events throughout the season, and at the end of the season a winner will be crowned!

Team Based Competition

Unlike regular competitions, the PokéAus Open series is a team based competition. When registering to the event, a team captain will register their team and be responsible for nominating their roster of 3-5 players (including the captain). Those are the players who will compete in the competition.

During each round of competition, the captain will nominate three members of their team in three positions. The opposition team will do the same, and players in the nominated position will play against each other.

Teams Example

Team Alola – [A] Ash [B] Lana [C] Mallow

Team Kalos – [A] Serena [B] Clemont [C] Bonnie


[A] Ash v Serena

[B] Lana v Clemont

[C] Mallow v Bonnie

Points will be awarded to top finishing teams and tracked throughout the season!

Best of 3 Online Competition

Given we expect teams from all over Australia, this will be an online competition run on the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Each individual match will be a best of 3, and the winning team for a round is the one who wins 2 out of 3 of their matches. Individual matches will use the in game PTCGO timer and as such ties will not be a valid result for a game.

Which cards are legal?

The sets that will be legal for any tournament in the PokéAus Open series will be announced as part of the rules for each individual tournament. For the upcoming Spring Open tournament, this will be the post rotation format of Sun & Moon (SM1) onwards, including Celestial Storm.

Do I need to submit a deck list?

No! The 60 cards you play is kept to yourself, although when you submit your player order each week we do need you to specify the deck archetype (e.g., “Buzzwole / Garbodor”, “Zoroark / Gardevoir”, etc.). Once the tournament is finished we will be crunching the statistics to see which decks are popular!

Do I have to use the same deck throughout the tournament?

No! You have to use the same 60 card list in your best of 3 matches against a single opponent. However you may freely change decks from one round to the next.

Why compete in the PokéAus Open series?

Australia doesn’t have the same number of Championship events in it’s local circuit as Europe or the US. We’re hoping the PokéAus Open series will provide another way for players to compete against others around the country (or the world!) in a fun environment that’s designed to promote sharing of information and experimentation. Maybe the next rogue deck for Regionals will come from an idea piloted during this series!

Do I have to be in Australia to compete in the PokéAus Open series?

No! However we will give scheduling preference to Australian based teams, so if you live outside of Australia you might have to plan to be playing at some strange hours to accommodate our players.

How do I register for a tournament?

There will be a signup page for each tournament run during the PokéAus Open series. It will have all the details you need to know.

How long will I have to complete my matches?

Each round of the tournament typically be scheduled for a week. You are free to complete your matches at any point during that period, as long as the results are reported to the tournament organiser before the end of the round. If this timing is different for a specific event, or for a specific round, it will be noted on the tournament page.

What do I need to do before each round?

Your team captain will be responsible for sending in their team roster before each round begins. They will need to provide the following:

  1. The three players who will be competing in the round, in numbered order
  2. The PTCGO user names of each player
  3. The deck archetype each player in the team will be piloting in that round (these need to be locked in before you know your specific opponent)

The pairings will be attached to the matchup in Challonge once both teams have provided the information.

What do I need to do after each round?

Your team captain will need to report the results of each individual match as a set, meaning the results will be recorded in 3 sets. Both teams must report their results, and the reports must match.

What do I get for winning an event?

Winning teams will be awarded Open Points for top finishing positions during a PokéAus Open series event. Whilst at this point there is no official prizing for doing well, the team are currently working on building a prize pool for the end of the season.