Official Artwork for Pokémon X and Y

The first pieces of official artwork have emerged for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, showing off the new starters and legendary Pokémon.

Official Artwork can be found below, click on an image to see it in full.

First we have the Grass starter, Chespin.


Next we have the Fire starter, Fennekin.


Last we have the Water starter, Froakie.


Next up we have the legendary Pokémon starting with Xerneas the deer-like Pokémon.


Yveltal the bird-like Pokémon.  Yveltal-Official

It has also been announced that the three starter Pokémon are one type only, to get rid of all the speculation. We may still see dual-type evolutions though. Here is a chart showing their type effectiveness just in-case you forgot.


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