Oceania International Championship – VGC Top 8 Teams and Usage

The second day of the Oceania International Championships is complete! Here are your Top 8 players from around the world who have played through 2 days of Swiss! A special shout out to Australia’s very own Luke Curtale (@DawgPkmn) and Zoe Lou for making it into the Top 8.

Stay tuned to PokeAus via our twitter and our live coverage page to stay up to date with pairings and standings for each round.

Top 8

01. Sebastian Escalante (@SebasVGC)

02. Nick Navarree (@NailsOU)

03. Nico Davide Cognetta (@DesuVGC)


04. Tommy Cooleen (@TmanVGC)

05. Ben Kyriakou (Kyriakou)

06. Baris Akcos (@BillaVGC)

07. Luke Curtale (@DawgPkmn)

08. Zoe Lou


*Kartana was lost due to team sheet error.

Top 8 Usage Stats

Usage Usage % Pokémon
6 75%
5 62.5%
4 50%
3 37.5%
1 12%
Stay tuned as we bring you Top 32 teams and usage later tonight!

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