Oceania International Championship – VGC Final Standings: Seniors

The weekend just passed saw the Oceania International Championship take place in Melbourne, Australia. Here are the final standings for Top 8 players in the Senior Division. We would like to congratulate Carson St Dennis being your 2017 Oceania International Championship VGC Senior Champion!

Final Standings

1. Carson St Dennis

2. Ernesto Serpa

3. Dale Causey

4. Samuel Pickering

5. Kester Teh

6. Ben Goff

7. Alfredo Chang-Gonzales

8. AJ Bradley

Top 8 Usage Stats

Usage Usage % Pokémon
4 50%
3 37.5%
2 25%
1 12.5%
Stay tuned to PokeAus for a full event recap as well as reports over the next week.1

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