Oceania International Championship – VGC Final Standings: Masters

The third and final day of the Oceania International Championships is done and dusted for VGC Masters! Here are the final standings for Top 8 players. These players have gone through 2 days off Swiss, and a top 8 cut over 3 days. We would like to congratulate Zoe Lou on being your 2017 Oceania International Championship VGC Master Champion!

Final Standings

01. Zoe Lou

02. Nico Davide Cognetta (@DesuVGC)


03. Ben Kyriakou (Kyriakou)

04. Luke Curtale (@DawgPkmn)

05. Sebastian Escalante (@SebasVGC)

06. Nick Navarree (@NailsOU)

07. Tommy Cooleen (@TmanVGC)

08. Baris Akcos (@BillaVGC)




*Kartana was lost due to team sheet error.

Top 8 Usage Stats

Usage Usage % Pokémon
6 75%
5 62.5%
4 50%
3 37.5%
1 12%
Stay tuned to PokeAus for a full event recap as well as report over the next week.

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