Oceania International Championship – TCG Final Standings: Masters

The third and final day of the Oceania International Championships is done and dusted for TCG Masters! Here are the final standings for Top 8 players. These players have gone through 2 days off Swiss, and a top 8 cut over 3 days. We would like to congratulate Pedro Torres on being your 2017 Oceania International Championship TCG Master Champion!

Final Standings

01. Pedro Eugenio Torres – Volcanion
02. Pablo Meza – Decidueye / Vileplume
03. Kian Nakano – Decidueye / Vileplume
04. Jesper Eriksen – Darkrai
05. Javier Gamboa – Decidueye / Vileplume
06. Gustavo Wada – Volcanion
07. Takuya Yoneda – Decidueye / Lugia / Mewtwo
08. Alex Hill – Decidueye / Vileplume

Top 8 Decks

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  1. Does anyone have the deck lists?

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