NSW Pokémon VGC Tournament GGs Town Hall: Top Cut Teams


Saturday April 12, Pokémon fans gathered to do what they’ve been doing all year; participate in a VGC tournament, the fourth tournament Good Games Town Hall has held this year!

With a turnout of 30 Masters, the competition was fierce, with players knowing this would be the perfect time to practice before Regionals later next month.

One competitor emerged from the Master Division by the end of the day; Mustafa with a unique team.

Masters Top Cut Players and their Teams

(These are the players who were top 8 after the Swiss Rounds.)

Mustafa Ahmed-Aziz

Steven On

Martin Larumbe

Jerikho Bulanadi

Brendan Sims

Shaun Fotheringham

Jimmy Chen

Stephan Lowings


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  1. Ahaha yes Wigglytuff! I used one in March.

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