Milk-Free – A Dandenong Delphox League Challenge Report

Greetings all, and welcome to my report on the Dandenong Next Level Games Delphox League Challenge (04/10/14). As the title suggests (somewhat), I played Butterfree/Miltank. Whilst it is more commonly known as ButterMilk, other fun names include Tank Butter and Free Tank. I’ve wanted to play this deck for a while as it offers Stage 2 evolution speed (of the calibre which hasn’t been seen for years) and also hits for the damage which I like.

My week leading up to the tournament was meant to be relatively quiet, however, a lot of things came up; which resulted in me not building the deck until Friday night. I draw a few starting hands to see what my chances were like for getting set up in Turn 1. It looked like this was happening about 30-40% of the time. Saturday morning I made a few changes which would cost me a bit of flexibility but would hopefully offer me better odds of setting up on the first turn.

And so without any actual battle testing and knowing that the meta was going to have a number of Seismitoad EX and fighting decks (which my deck doesn’t particularly like), I took my Butter Tanks into battle.

Round 1 – Steven – Landorus EX & non-EX/Lucario EX/Garbodor

Game 1
I got quite a number of heads with his die at the beginning of this game with Roller Skates; so much so I was tempted to buy it! After a couple of Miltanks go down quite quickly, I remembered that spamming Butterfrees was my way for dealing with the fighting decks. What I forgot was that Lucario’s first attack bypasses resistance (not that that was too much of an issue). A few prize trades later, we got to a point where he played Crushing Hammer but the die was on an angle lying on a couple of cards. I suggested that he should re-roll it to which he agreed. It landed on odds (tails) and this meant that I was still in the running for this game (it would have been game over for me if he had discarded my DCE). A couple of turns later I have one card in my deck. I was hoping that he wouldn’t put up his only damage-less Pokémon, Landorus EX, and just wall my next attack and, thus, cause me to lose on the following turn (from a deck out). Fortunately for me he doesn’t do this and I draw my last card and KO his damaged Lucario EX. Turns out the last card in my deck was an N, so I could have lasted a couple more turns (I had 3 cards in hand).


Game 2
He opted to go first and this gave me a chance to get a turn 1 Miltank swinging for 110 (80 + 30 for Silver Bangle). The downside was that I had no hand after this. Miltank went down to Lucario EX and Strong Energy (or Muscle Band). I draw dead for 3 turns. I finally get a supporter and I can see a potential for a comeback, however, Steven has a Garbodor out which means I cannot instantly play my Butterfree line. I scoop as it was pointless to continue.


Game 3
I go first and could have attacked right off the bat; if only one could attack on the first turn of the game. We trade a few prizes. I end up with a dead head, but fortunately for me, Steven N’s me and I draw into a Bangle and an Energy – just what I needed to have my Miltank finish off his injured Landorus EX. Time is called and at the end of the three turns the prizes remaining are 2-3 (my way). This game counts as inconclusive and thus, a draw. This also causes the match to be a draw.


Round 2 – Erin – Seismitoead EX/ Mewtwo EX/ Garbodor (and Cobalion EX?)

Game 1
I go first and get a Metapod with DCE and Bangle. At this point I realise that I Metapod can be used to stall against Seismitoad as a Seismitoad with Muscle Band deals 50 damage; damage which is under Metapod’s Harden threshold. Of course I cannot attack Turn 1, but after this I can stall with Metapod. Erin has other plans in mind and plays a Hypnotoxic Laser with her Muscle Band Seismitoad. I draw into a Skyla, but am unable to grab a Butterfree in Item lock. I wish Ace-Specs were not included in the Item lock. I mean, they are a special card after all. In any case, my lone Metapod faints from poison.


Game 2
I opt to go first and manage to get a Butterfree out with an energy and a Bangle. Erin was not able to use quaking punch, however, she does play a Laser and puts my Butterfree to sleep. It stays asleep between the turns. I play Roller Skates to see if I can draw into other options than the Juniper that is in my hand. The good news is that I flipped (rolled) a heads (even number). The bad news is that I draw into another Juniper, DCE and Grass Energy. I have to play the Juniper in order to stay in the game; at the cost of losing two DCEs and two Grass Energies (so the heads on Roller Skates really was not that much of “good news”). I had a feeling that I would feel the lack of energies later in the game… fast forward a few turns and some KOs later… and I find myself in a situation where I have a Butterfree with a DCE but no Grass Energy. I play Ultra Ball (or something that let me look through my deck) and I see that there are no Energies left. I subsequently scoop as there was nothing I could do. Turns out I had one Grass Energy left in my prize cards (though I had no means of scoring a KO).


Round 3 – Casey – Mega Charizard (fire)/Delphox/Emboar

Game 1
I go first after drawing a card for Casey’s mulligan. I get a Butterfree out and attach a DCE to it. He has a lone Tepig and cannot do anything. I attach a Grass Energy for the KO to which Casey exclaims “my pig got killed by a butterfly!”


Game 2
He mulligans a few times (three, I think) and he goes first; opening with Charizard. Casey only played 6 basic Pokémon, so I guess it is understandable why he wasn’t having much luck finding a basic Pokémon. On my turn, I manage to set up a turn one Miltank and slug his Charizard for 110 damage. Over the next few turns he sets up an Emboar and Delphox and we trade prizes. (As it so happens, Casey likes his meat done medium-rare.) I was concerned at this point as my deck was meant for Miltanks vs EXes, not Miltanks vs Stage 2s. Fortunately for me, after his Delphox goes down, he does not have much of an offensive presence so it was mostly smooth sailing for me.


Round 4 – Alie – Poli’s/Celebi EX/Virizion (non-EX)

Game 1
Like the past three rounds, I call the flip right again and have to pick whether I want to go first or second. I decide to go first just to be safe (that is, in case I fail to achieve a Miltank/Butterfree start). As expected, I get fully set up and with extra too. She has lone Poliwag and passes as she cannot play anything (she had 3 Stage 2s in her hand and some other stuff). I take out the Poliwag on the next turn.


Game 2
She goes first and ends up with Virizion active and two Poliwags on the bench. I get another perfect start this game and belt her Pokémon continuously… except for the turns where I was confused due to Poliwag’s Spiral Current (she had gotten a Politoed into play). On her final turn, she knocks out my 10HP remaining Miltank with a Poliwhirl. My Muscle Banded Butterfree comes in for the revenge KO and game.


Round 5 – Gaara – Lucario EX/Landorus EX/Machamp/Hawlucha/Mewtwo

After a few Naruto jokes we start playing.

Game 1
Once again, the coin toss goes my way and I have to pick whether to go first or not. I go first and have a pretty horrid start. I end up sacrificing Caterpies to buy time, but to little avail. Seeing as I cannot do much else, I decide to give a Muscle Band to Miltank and hit his Lucario EX for 30 (I didn’t have a Butterfree on the bench). For fun, Gaara plays his Max Potion to heal off all the damage I had done thus far (30) and then plays a Professor Sycamore. He somehow fails to draw into any energies and so has to pass. Over the next few turns, my deck shows that it still has some life in it and goes on the offence whilst Gaara is struggling to

draw into energies. I end up scoring two KOs (four prizes), but scoop after the second one as he was going to win on the next turn.


Game 2
I had a much better start this game; achieving a 110 damage attack and being able to deliver it as I went second. The ideal thing to do in this matchup would be to spam Butterfrees (who have fighting resistance), however, I don’t have the time to do this and end up spamming Miltanks instead. (Gaara was hungry so I was just giving him some steak). He ends up winning with a couple of attackers still ready and raring to go.


Gaara and I were both interested to see how my deck would fare against a Darkrai/Yveltal deck, so Gaara borrows one off his friend, Harley. Somehow the coin toss goes in my favour again and I believe I opt to go first. I think I managed a T1 start again, but cannot attack. Gaara has a “baby” Yveltal and uses it to charge up a “big” Yveltal on his bench after having played a Professor’s Letter and Dowsing Machine. We are interrupted by a number of things during our game including trade folders, tournament results, booster pack openings and discussions. In the end, Gaara ends up winning by a turn; which is a result I’m quite happy with.

The results? I ended up coming 10th out of 20 players; with seven players dropping out in earlier rounds (I think most left after Round 4). My booster pack wasn’t super-amazing (i.e. no bling), but it was better than other packs I have had lately. I pulled a Strong Energy, an Electivire (amazing artwork and isn’t too shabby either) and a Trapinch.

Afterthoughts (and Furfrou)

The main reason for picking ButterMilk over another Miltank variant such as Miltank/Empoleon or Miltank/Flygon is for the speed. In that regard, I’m quite content with having six of the 11 starts being perfect ones. It would have been better still if I went second for all those times, but I guess I can’t have everything. I think this is the best Turn 1 set up odds I’ve had in recent times, if not throughout my whole time playing Pokémon. This, of course, is if you exclude the simpler starts which involve an EX (e.g. Landorus EX and Mewtwo EX) and an energy.

The long run needs a bit of improving though. I thought I had enough drawing outs, however, it seems like I didn’t as I was “stuck” during some of the games. I’m also considering adding a Mewtwo EX into this deck. It can be a punching bag (my deck needs one) whilst being able to deal with Lucario EXes and Mewtwo EXes, the latter of which was in surprising abundance at this event.

Anyway, for a deck that can be put together for roughly $40, was thrown together at the last minute and having no real testing with it; I’m quite happy with the outcome.
So what was the meta like? VirGen, Big Basics – Fighting Style and Seismitoad variants were, unsurprisingly, quite popular. There was also the Poli’s, Mega Charizard, Fairy decks, my deck and, of course, how could we forget Furfrou.
It was Round 2 when Callum played his FurFrou. His opponent (whose name I cannot recall but I battled earlier this year at states) then exclaims “Furfrou” which is immediately followed by a chorus of Furfrous from other players. This repeated at varying points in the tournament until the end Round 4. On top of that, there was a discussion in Round 3 when we were trying to find an answer to the immensely philosophical question of “what is a Furfrou?” Judge Kara’s ruling of “it’s a poodle” was largely ignored as players preferred options of sheep, llama, goat, and alpaca among other things.

Nevertheless, move over Kricketune; you and your “delelelelelooooooops” are no longer need as we now have Furfrou. 😛


  • Trading with Harley and Callum. I wasn’t expecting people to bring many trades, let alone Butterfrees, but I’m glad that you guys did.
  • Erin and Chris for bringing the cards that I needed to borrow. Although I didn’t need them in the end (as I had just traded for the cards that I needed), thanks for bringing them anyway.
  • Furfrou (naturally)
  • Rosario’s questionnaire – this resulted in a few interesting discussions about virtual reality and the like.
  • Achieving a T1 set up rate greater than 50%.
  • As usual, meeting up with friends and making new ones.


  • Having the beginning coin flip go my way in every game. I hated having the choice as I didn’t know whether I wanted to go first or not.
  • Failing to recognise people. I’ve been forgetting too many people’s faces and/or names lately and it has been leading to awkward scenarios where they can recognise me, but I momentarily (until they remind me) cannot recall them.
  • Remembering to bring my decklist (unlike the recent PokeMelbourne tournament) only to be told it was needed.

Thank you Kara and Next Level Games Dandenong for running what was a successful and very enjoyable event!

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