Full Details on Meloetta Distribution Revealed

Full details on the Meloetta Distribution have been revealed including a special little gift from Nintendo to a limited amount of Pokémon fans in Australia.

meloetta poster

This time around, Australia is getting the exact same event Pokémon as America. It has also been confirmed that this event is the exact same event as the one given out at selected Hoyts Cinemas over the past weekend. Details for Meloetta including OT, moves, ability and hold item are as follows:

Meloetta Lv.50
OT: SPR2013
ID: 03013
Ability: Serene Grace
Hold Item: PP Max
– Close Combat
– Teeter Dance
– Psychic
– Round

As per the poster, Meloetta forme can be changed. When Meloetta is sent to Pokémon White Version 2 or Pokémon Black Versoin 2 you will gain access to a move specifically made for Meloetta: Relic Song, teaching Meloetta this move lets you change its form. To do so, take it to the cafe in Castelia City, you will then a story of how Meloetta lost its voice in the past. Meloetta will soon get inspired and will finally start singing. Doing so allows you to teach it the special move, relic Song, which will change Meloetta’s form in battle whenever it is used.

More exciting news for Pokémon fans in Australia. Some selected EB Games stores have been supplied with a limited amount of Special Edition Pokémon Magazines. The magazines are free, but it is a first in first serve. Some stores have been supplied with 20 magazines. So if you want to be one of the select few in your area to pick one up, make sure you go to the event on it’s first day, March 4th, and ask your store if they have been given any to give away. It’s front cover and contents page are as follows, courtesy of myself for working at an EB Games store.

bw2-special-issue contents-of-special-issue


Source: EB Games Employee (myself)

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