Kalosian Education – Sydney Regionals (1st) + Brisbane Regionals (3rd)

This is a writeup of my run at Sydney Regionals and Brisbane Regionals, placing first and third respectively.

Since there’s a limit on the number of replays you can put up, I’ve only uploaded the videos of my losses. This should help you all prepare for anyone running the Cecilia Special at Nationals.

kalosian_educationTable of Contents



Yes, the bar is sunk into the pool.

With children on the way some time this year or next, this is likely to be the last year where I will be able to dedicate any time at all to competitive Pokémon. I therefore make the decision to go hard or go home, attending as many Regionals as I can purely to live the dream.

Due to a combination of real-life commitments and an overseas holiday (which caused me to miss out on Perth and Adelaide), I have only three real nights to prepare for Regionals, and I make absolutely horrible use of them.

Laziness aside, it’s actually not all bad..

  • I’ve kept in shape since release, weighing in at 16XX in S1, 17XX in S2 and 16XX in S3. Statistically this means I’m as good at Pokémon as a mouldy cabbage, but better than a rotten one!
  • I have an incredibly dedicated testing group to work with this year, comprising of some the most talented individuals in the country. As shown by their performance in the Nugget Bridge events, few people in the world let alone the country, could go ten rounds against the horrors of Team Delphox and come out on top. Within Team Delphox I am only a third-string player at best, compared to unparalleled monsters like Famousdeaf, Boomguy, Zae and Ada.
  • I’m actually extremely confident in my team choice, which I’ll elaborate on further.

Now, normally I would play something technical, something a little tricksy targeted right at the heart of the local metagame (inb4 no such thing as a local meta). However, with a Worlds invite to work towards, plus the ability to play with the Japanese over Battle Spot, the level of skill in Australia has risen dramatically. This means that I can no longer rely on being able to outplay my opponents, and for someone who has played Pokémon for their entire adult life this is not an easy realization to take.

I’m under no delusion that I’ll win any of these events, but in order to maintain some of my reputation I will need at least one T8 finish. This means that I either need to rely on some sort of a cheap gimmick to capitalize on the BO1 rounds, or just play something standard with no room for error and hope to dodge good players all day. I chose the latter, a brutal lineup built from a proven formula (see my soon-to-be-published VGC14 Primer for a detailed explanation as to the process!) tested in combat by thousands of other players. The lineup also got given a trial by fire at Perth Regionals, where the Pokécléctic administrators in some way or other distributed copies of the lineup to a large portion of the entrants, and extremely similar teams (some with OT: Cecilia) placed first and second in Masters as well as first in Seniors! If I play well, my team may be able to carry me over the line.

The Team – Team Zephyrus

Salamence @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Intimidate
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature
– Draco Meteor
– Fire Blast
– Stone Edge
– Sleep Talk


Kangaskhan @ Kangaskhanite
Ability: Scrappy
Level: 50
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature
– Power-up Punch
– Return
– Sucker Punch
– Fake Out


Azumarill @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Huge Power
Level: 50
EVs: 212 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def / 36 SDef / 4 Spd
Adamant Nature
– Aqua Jet
– Play Rough
– Belly Drum
– Protect


Amoonguss @ Occa Berry
Ability: Regenerator
Level: 50
EVs: 236 HP / 124 Def / 148 SDef
Sassy Nature
– Spore
– Giga Drain
– Rage Powder
– Protect


Rotom-Heat @ Lum Berry
Ability: Levitate
Level: 50
EVs: 252 HP / 120 Def / 76 SAtk / 12 SDef / 44 Spd
IVs: 30 Def (SDef EVs wasted as a result)
Modest Nature
– Thunderbolt
– Overheat
– Hidden Power Ice
– Protect


Bisharp @ Life Orb
Ability: Defiant
Level: 50
EVs: 68 HP / 252 Atk / 12 Def / 12 SDef / 164 Spd
Adamant Nature
– Assurance
– Sucker Punch
– Iron Head
– Protect


Playing this lineup is pretty obvious; hit things until they stop moving, don’t get walked into a double Protect, use Amoonguss to get boosts in. I did consider Rock Slide or Stone Edge on Salamence to help prime Assurance, but the “guaranteed” kill on Mega Charizard-Y is just too important, and I can always prime Assurance with a weakened Draco Meteor (or even a Fire Blast). It is very hard to lose games where Amoonguss can safely deploy and keep Rotom-Wash off most of your team (I didn’t expect anyone to be using Safety Goggles on it) and bait people into double-target Protects. I haven’t gone through all my games to pull out usage stats but in general I used everything other than Bisharp pretty much equally.

The main thing that’s interesting about this lineup is actually how it was constructed. Sure, DSF + Rotom form + Mega Kangaskhan seems pretty straightforward. However, the Pokémon themselves were chosen from the stats coming out of the Battle Gloria competition over in Japan. Mega Kangaskhan actually performed worse than the rest of the Big Three, but I took it anyway as a vanity pick. Rotom-Heat and Azumarill were the big winners in terms of an increase in representation between the “swiss” and the T8 (% people playing them compared to % people who got anywhere with them), so they were obvious picks for my Rotom form and Fairy type. Bisharp could very well have been Aegislash since I didn’t expect either of these events to be prepared enough to run Salamence en masse (as opposed to Perth Regionals, which had 5/8 Salamence in the T8), but I felt that the raw power of Assurance was too good to pass up. Finally, Amoonguss, as much as I doubted it in Season 1, got the sixth slot to help Azumarill set up as well as countering Rotom-Wash.

The vanity pick of Amoonguss over Aerodactyl means that I trade a fast Taunt and a reliable Charizard/Venusaur matchup for better game across the board. With Charizard/Venusaur failing to make any T8s worldwide (individually yes, but as a pair no) I am confident it won’t be an issue if I can just get lucky pairings early. Besides, Perth and Adelaide were double elimination, so I can theoretically handle one loss (This decision would come back to haunt me in Brisbane but we’ll talk about that later)

It was highly likely that others will play this same lineup given that I posted it on Pokécléctic prior to Perth Regionals, but it’s also likely that all of the east coast will fall victim to The Dangers Of Cool Things and try to be original for originality’s sake. The prevailing attitude on the Australian FB groups about Scarfmence all but confirms that I should be, in theory, walking into a largely unprepared field..

Day One: Sydney Regionals (1st/180+)

The announcement of BO3 Single Elimination raises my spirits. With a lineup like mine full of potential OHKOs, knowing who has the sash, who’s choice-locked and who can’t Protect is very important. In addition, Pokécléctic has been practicing BO3 for the last X years. This sudden windfall has well and truly put the ball right back in my court. All I have to do is dodge every sun team in eight rounds, and I can win!

Another piece of luck comes my way. A mix-up with my team rego sheet (Bisharp with Rotom-Heat’s moves and vice versa) requires me to leave the rest of my team mates in the signup queue. It turns out pairings are being done by signup order, so being #74 has put me close to the carebear bracket and away from my teammates.

The odds are all stacked in my favour. No excuses now.

It’s Time To Hunt.

#1: “Wolfie” – potential nats repeat? (2-0)

Mega Scizor / Greninja / Zapdos / Aegislash / Politoed / Garchomp

My heart sinks when his Zapdos gets two paralysis procs in two Thunders, which then lock down my Kangaskhan for two turns.

It doesn’t matter.

#2: Andrew – Too Early For A Real Match (2-0)

Mega Kangaskhan / Garchomp / Ferrothorn / Smeargle / Rotom-Heat / Tyranitar

Khan Artist. Great.

Both games I am forced to go for my anti-Smeargle lead, Lum Berry Rotom + Azumarill. He doesn’t bring Smeargle in the first game because he’s a good player and whips it out in the second. My fortune looks grim when he goes for the T1 Dark Void instead of King’s Shield for a Moody proc but it doesn’t actually look like he’s running Moody at all, and on the second turn I get the Aqua Jet + Lum wakeup Thunderbolt kill and the game goes to pieces for him after that.

Get ready for this guy at Nationals. The only people to take him down at Sydney and Brisbane were the people who won overall.

#3: “Giordano” – The Goose Is Loose (2-0)

Mega Aggron / Mega Venusaur / Gardevoir / Goodra / Greninja / Rotom-Heat

Amoonguss and Kangaskhan is kind of a pain sometimes.

Almost as annoying as Assurance Bisharp and Kangaskhan against a slow team.

#4: “Max” – First Loss (2-1)

Mega Kangaskhan / Charizard / Greninja / Rotom-Wash / Garchomp / ???

Game 1 Loss: 8YTW-WWWW-WWW7-GH3Q

Pretty sure this guy beat Cameron on the big screen. I had started taking notes on their game while watching it then realized what I was doing and left the room. We Do Not Scout.

The Rotom-Wash and Mega Kangaskhan opener does some work. Game 1 I really underestimate Greninja, which gets a crit on Mega Kangaskhan as well as beating Amoonguss and surviving a Sucker Punch from Mega Kangaskhan. To add insult to injury, I get an arguably inconsequential Draco Meteor miss. However, at this point I’ve revealed his items; Life Orb on Greninja, Leftovers on Rotom-Wash, and a suspect Lum Berry on Garchomp. The lack of a real item on Rotom-Wash gives me the edge.

Game 2, I manage to bait him into wasting a turn on Azumarill in exchange for a slept Kangaskhan, and in return I get to Belly Drum on a burnt Azumarill and go to town.

It all sort of falls apart for him in Game 3. I’m not really sure what his plan is, there’s an unevolved Charizard in there somwhere, and this time the Azumarill isn’t burnt when it Belly Drums and it attacks four times to win the game. Something of an anticlimatic end to the set with my first loss of the day.

#5: Brandon – Biggest Chandelure OCE (2-1)

Mega Kangaskhan / Mienshao / Chandelure / Amoonguss / Hydreigon / Rotom-Heat

Game 1 Loss: S8MW-WWWW-WWW7-GH4H

Both Chandelure and Mienshao this late in the tournament? I’m completely screwed. Game 1 he takes absolutely effortlessly. I can’t beat this team composition.

But due to this set being BO3, Game 1 reveals that he doesn’t have Taunt on Mienshao, and there are very few problems Amoonguss and Azumarill can’t solve. Sure, he can one shot it with a Life Orb Energy Ball from Chandelure (as I learnt in Game 1 when I tried to wall Chandelure with Azumarill), but I have two whole other Pokémon to throw into Chandelure before securing the win. He doesn’t even bring Mienshao in Game 2, which makes things a lot easier.

Taking notes during the game is really important. Had I been a little sharper, I would have been able to infer that his Chandelure had no Will-o-Wisp (since he revealed every move other than what I assume was Heat Wave or Overheat) and just smack it to death with Kangaskhan. Instead, I gave my opponent a shot at the title by playing around a move that didn’t exist.

#6: Martin / “Base” – Cecilia VS The Holder Of The Highest Rating Ever Held By An Australian. (1-0)

Mega Kangaskhan / Bisharp / Garchomp / Gengar / Rotom-Heat / Mamoswine

Of course I have to play the BO1 grinder round to gain entry to the Top 4. Of course it’s against, you know, only the arguably best player in the country, who at one point ranked in the top ten WORLDWIDE with a 1950+ rating.  I’ve managed to dodge named opponents so far today, but not anymore.

Unfortunately for him, he’s looking pretty weary. We’ve both played the last two rounds with no breaks. He’s got a lot of guys in his corner trying to keep him focused but he’s not all there and I can see the fatigue in his eyes. In contrast, I’ve stayed hydrated, taken breaks away from the crowd, and am already used to worse hells than this from my former job.

The pressure and fatigue get the better of him, and with an unfortunate final turn he throws the win at my feet. I can do this! It’s a clear run at the title now!

#7: Mitch – Any Hole’s a Goal (1-0)

Mega Aerodactyl / Azumarill / Rotom-Heat / Aegislash / Ferrothorn / Tyranitar

Another BO1 grinder, and this guy has Ferrothorn. I know I shouldn’t bring Amoonguss to this, but if he doesn’t bring Ferrothorn, I can just win immediately. When the smoke clears he’s only got Ferrothorn left against my Amoonguss and Azumarill. Oops!

I’m about ready to concede but a misclicked Leech Seed allows Azumarill to Belly Drum in front of Ferrothorn. This then opens up that dreaded alternate win condition: the timer kill. With a full HP Amoonguss staring down a non-Black Sludge Ferrothorn that just took a +6 Play Rough, I am ahead on % HP and therefore technically winning if this game goes to time. Further stacking things in my favour is the fact that (EDIT) I suspect that (/EDIT) he doesn’t have enough PP to kill me before dying to Struggle (needing a Gyro Ball crit just to stay in the game) and the TOs have a flight to catch.

In light of recent developments, I’ve reworded this next paragraph just to make sure everything is correct. Several spectators can confirm what happened. I’m not denying going for a timer kill, and AZ himself has ruled that “Judges should not be interfering or enforcing “stall” rules. There shouldn’t be anything in the VG rules document that indicates otherwise”. After we trade completely ineffectual turns in a mirror of the Metapod duel from the anime, I apologise to my opponent in advance, put my DS down on the table, and threaten to take the full 90 seconds to click each move. Note that had this been an official TPCI event I would only have had 45 seconds to act, but would have won due to the 15 minute round timer several turns before. My teammates remind the TO about the 15 minute time limit, and he agrees that I should take the win. I am not sure how many 90 second turns I took during all of this, though I clearly stated my intention to take several and am reasonably sure I took one or two.

My opponent graciously concedes and I shake his hand, apologize for winning in the only way possible, and offer my condolences for the single mistake that took him out of the finals.

#8: Jimmy – The Rains Of Castamere (2-0)

Mega Manectric / Zapdos / Golduck / Lucario / Talonflame / Rotom-Heat

Everything feels strangely calm as we go to sit down on the big screen with everyone watching. Whenever I play on Battle Spot I get nerves, but maybe I’m unconsciously showboating for the crowd?

I mean absolutely no disrespect by this, presumably he was out actually enjoying life and talking to girls instead of grinding rating, but my opponent is sadly out of his depth.

My lineup is simply too strong to let me lose. I miss with Draco Meteor. My teammates tear out fistfuls of hair after I make mistake after mistake; sucker punching a -speed Zapdos (multiple times) because my head keeps telling me that it speed ties with Kangaskhan (both base 100). I get baited into bolting an unevolved Manectric. None of this matters.

All I need to do is kill his Talonflame to win (which he even does for me in Game 2) and Amoonguss will stand unopposed. Game 2 had three Pokémon asleep at the same time at one point. Honestly amazed that no-one in the crowd started throwing shit at me, really.

#BONUS: Jamie – Gary Oak (0-1)

Mega Kangaskhan / Amoonguss / Rotom-Wash / Ferrothorn / Tyranitar / ???


“Congratulations on becoming Sydney Regional Champion! Is what I’d like to say…”

Since we’re all going to the airport, the Nintendo staff offer me a spot in their taxi. Jamie has been itching for a game all day, so we knuckle up during the cab ride. Unfortunately, I forget that Mega Kangaskhan can Sucker Punch, losing my +2 Kangaskhan to his +1 Kangaskhan and the loss writes itself from there. Dammit, I’ve been Gary Oak’d right at the last hurdle!

Well, guess I’ve got to go to Brisbane and enter the Pokémon League again!

Day Two: Brisbane Regionals (3rd/128)

Despite the smaller turnout, I know this is going to be a hard slog. The Brisbane scene is very strong, comparable to Perth in many ways. Whereas Sydney, despite having some very strong individuals, doesn’t quite have the same local scene yet (something Good Games are quickly changing). This is going to be an uphill battle if I get bad pairings. Yesterday, I didn’t fight too many stock lists, whereas today I’m going to have to deal with at least one.

Oh, and before anything else:

  • I wouldn’t have complained if the TO had prevented me from entering, and said as much. I’d have just hung out with the Brisbane crew and organised the afterparty instead.
  • I didn’t expect to get given a second plane ticket and a hotel room if I won, I would imagine it would go straight to the second place entrant.
  • The main reason I was playing on Sunday was because I wanted another money finish to maintain my reputation, plus I was already there anyway.
#1: Simon – I’m Never Complaining About Luck Again (2-0)

Mega Charizard-Y / Greninja / Rotom-Wash / Gardevoir / Garchomp / Ferrothorn

My opponent is one of the Brisbane crew I’d spoken to before the event. He curses his ill luck, but this isn’t cut and dried. With a stock list featuring Talonflame, Mega Charizard-Y and Ferrothorn, I can’t safely deploy Amoonguss, which will allow his Rotom-Wash to slip the leash. This is already looking dicier than any match I played in Sydney.

Game 2 does not go according to plan, so I use the time to try to scout out his items, and just so happen to score a Hidden Power Ice critical on his Garchomp. To add insult to injury, he gets an (inconsequential) double Heat Wave miss immediately afterwards. Make no mistake, I would have gone 0-1 right here had it not been for that critical!

#2: Zarif – Already A Better Field Than Sydney (2-0)

Mega Mawile / Ferrothorn / Talonflame / Rotom-Wash / Tyranitar / Garchomp

Phil is out, leaving me the only representative of Team Delphox remaining. It is becoming evidently clear that this is the bracket of death since I’m going to be playing Danny next round if I win.

My foe is a friend of my R1 opponent, and is also running a stock list. Unfortunately for him, Amoonguss can get value here.

In Game 2 he tries something fancy and whips out Brightpowder Double Team Substitute Garchomp which backfires horrifically, with not a single miss from my side in the three moves aimed at it. It’s unclear if the second tick of Power-up Punch critting his Tyranitar was necessary for this win.

#3: Danny – Friendly Fire (2-1)

Mega Kangaskhan / Mega Manectric / Talonflame / Aegislash / Mamoswine / Rotom-Wash

Game 1 Loss : VNSG-WWWW-WWW7-GH58

My previous opponents were talented individuals playing solid teams, but suffered from a lack of experience, first timer nerves, and knew I’d just come off a win against a bigger field. Danny Delphine (who I met back in Brisbane in 2011) has been playing VGC for as long as I have, he’s just as hungry for this as I am, and knows full well that this is a battle between equals. It’s unfortunate that we would would get paired against each other, but was bound to happen sooner or later.

Quick Guard Talonflame blows me right out of the water in Game 1. I honestly should have expected that he’d be a good player and not use CB BB. Discharge on his Rotom-Wash also makes life difficult, and I go into triage mode for Game 2. The good news is that I’ve pulled out a ton of info on his team; his Mamoswine isn’t choiced, his Rotom-Wash only ever used one move and is probably choiced, his Talonflame has a Life Orb, and the other items are reasonably obvious from Team Preview.

Game 2 reveals that our Kangaskhans have a speed tie, but a lack of Mamoswine makes things easier for me. Turns out his Aegislash is physical and therefore fails to do anything useful at all. With the double handicap of Physical Aegislash plus Mega Manectric (it’s a Mega without an offensive steroid and therefore only really suitable for extremely good players), now that I know all his items I should be able to win Game 3.

In Game 3, he baits me into Thunderbolting his Manectric on the switch-in, and also bolts it himself (due to not having a good target on my side of the field) resulting in a +2 boost for free, but it’s far from over. Rage Powder goes up, he confidently points a Flamethrower (not Overheat!) at my somewhat injured Amoonguss..but Occa Berry puts paid to that.

“It won’t matter.”

“You were saying? Sorry? You were saying? YOU WERE SAYING?”

#4: “competny” – Cecilia VS The Highest Rated Australian (2-0)

Mega Kangaskhan / Aegislash / Gardevoir / Rotom-Heat / Salamence / Garchomp

Rounding off the bracket of death is Competny, the highest rated Australian player for Season 3 of Battle Spot. With over a thousand games logged on Battle Spot Season 3 and a massive 1800+ rating, compared to my 70 games and pathetic 1600 rating he is without question the Big Dog in this fight. My teammates re-assure me that he is not my match, that I can win, but I can’t shake the doubt.

He’s using a stock list (and a formula-valid one at that!) but having Garchomp in the sixth slot leaves him cold to Azumarill, a weakness that I latch onto and exploit. His Gardevoir is quite obviously Choiced, allowing Bisharp to neutralise it completely. Actually, on that subject, Bisharp straight-up carries the day in Game 2, surviving a Garchomp Earthquake and also getting a Sucker Punch out afterwards without dying!

Okay, fly Ray Rizzo down here so I can play him next or something because this can’t get any worse. Or so I thought.

#5: Tyler – What Was Wrong With Link Cables? (2-0)

Mega Kangaskhan / Garchomp / Tyranitar / Rotom-Heat / Ferrothorn / Salamence

Another Ferrothorn?

Game 1 isn’t too controversial, but Game 2 has a comms error (my DS reported it first, which I think means his stuffed up?) at a crucial moment. A +4 Mega Kangaskhan swings into Ferrothorn with Power-up Punch just as the comms error happens, and it looks like it fails to kill. Tyler is the better man and goes to concede but I assure him it’s not clear cut and call the TO over who instructs us to play again but the turn is still going on my screen once the comms error is acknowledged and the second tick of Power-up Punch kills!

With only a ~30% HP Power-up Punchless Kangaskhan left against three of my lineup, including a Mega Kangaskhan boosted to the moon and back. Azumarill and full HP Rotom-Heat, I call the TO back and restate my case. With the result of the game now certain, Tyler graciously concedes, and with that I go onto the semis!

#6: Brendon – All Outta Luck (1-2)

Mega Charizard-Y / Mega Manectric / Venusaur / Salamence / Garchomp / Rotom-Heat

Game 1 Loss: ZX6G-WWWW-WWW7-GH5Z

Game 3 Loss: EXWG-WWWW-WWW7-GH68 (recommended viewing if you want to know how not to play Pokémon)

My opponent is a Chill Dude from the Brisbane crew. We were meant to play on the big screen, and while the Seniors finals plays out we have time to re-assure each other that we are each horrible at pocket monsters. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for my ego, we both have Download Play and have to play a face to face match anyway. Whoops.

And as team preview comes up… Sun, he is playing Sun. How did I get this far, what happened to Tyranitar? Oh wait, I killed two of them.

I’ve got outs, but this far into the weekend I’ve well and truly forgotten what the play is meant to be and lose Game 1. He generously gives me a window to win by not leading Charizard/Venusaur in our later games, and I take G2 without too much trouble, but in G3 a coinflip predict Fire Blast into a Bisharp switch-in, a surprise Light Screen from a Protect-less Rotom (the discovery was made all too late), and a series of horrific misplays from me seals my fate.

In retrospect there were a lot of things I could have done differently in Game 3, the big one being that I didn’t know a Draco Meteor would still have been a potential OHKO on his Salamence even after Light Screen. However, if he’d just led Charizard/Venusaur again it would have come down to Sleep Powder misses and coinflip predicts all weighted in his favour.

It’s over.

#7: Keiko – What Might Have Been (1-0)

Mega Mawile / Charizard / Rhyperior / Chandelure / Scrafty / Gourgeist

The Japanese are scary, and it’s BO1 for this decider. I didn’t lose a single Game 2 all weekend but lost my fair share of Game 1s. She’ll almost certainly wreck me if she was running anything other than TR with dedicated hate for weather teams.

Let that sink in for a moment. Of the T4, one player is a bye, one matchup is potentially in my favour, and one I can’t beat but autoloses to the other two.


I kill her Chandelure on T1, offering her the choice of Kangaskhan or +1 Bisharp to die to Scrafty. She Hi Jump Kicks Kangaskhan for lethal, and then Bisharp attacks three times to take the game.

An anticlimactic finish to an amazing day. Oh well, at least this way there’s no question about who gets the flight to Nats!


  • parrot

    Parrot, who really wanted to be the sixth member of my team

    Nintendo Australia and New Zealand. Thankyou for the ludicrous amount of work you’ve put into supporting competitive Pokémon. The community is just blown away by the fact that Nintendo staff themselves did all of this all in their own free time off their own back. Hell, I’m just happy that Regionals came to Perth.

  • Pokécléctic. Both the best and the worst Pokémon community in the country. I felt you all needed a reminder about why I don’t play in my own tournaments.
  • Team Delphox. Thank you for all graciously scrubbing out prior to me having to lose to any of you. A big shoutout to Boomguy for being an incredible host and putting up with my overblown ego for a whole day while nursing an ear infection exacerbated by having to hear all the shit that I talked after not one, but two (2) money finishes!
  • BO3 Single Elimination. I didn’t lose a single Game 2 all weekend.
  • The Random Number Generator. Aside from my final match in Brisbane, the RNG well and truly had my back all weekend, not giving me too much hassle as well as a tournament-wrecking crit in Brisbane.


  • Did any of the people running Pokémon with OT: Cecilia or with parents who did actually sing Rains of Castamere as agreed after the winner of Perth Masters was announced?
  • There should be NO reason why the TO should need to make a statement about spectators remaining spectators. It’s one thing to report on what you see played during the match, its another to peer over people’s shoulders and write down hidden information.
  • No afterparty in Sydney >:

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  1. “…arguably the best player in the country”

    Although honoured, I really disagree with that XD

    Was fun reading this, but yeah, I wasn’t feeling very confident knowing I had to do the grind match, I’d say it even put me off my game just by thinking about it. But you deserved the win in Sydney, you played well every match 😀

    But, can you conquer nats? Only time will tell…

  2. DShockNotGivingNameAway:P

    btw martin is not even better than me….. jk jk in my eyes we are considered rivals from different divisions seeing as this is his first good year and this is my first year and we have lost and won about the same amount of time to each other.

  3. rating speaks louder than words

  4. Hey, this might be a bit late to be commenting, but could you please explain the EVs on your Bisharp? I’m looking for a good EV spread, and I would like to know the reasoning behind yours.
    Thanks in advance.

    • id say speed to outspeed rotom and bulk to survive power up punch and the special defense is just to even it out a bit

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